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Aug 19, 1999
While these parks might be acceptable for some, they're really very pale shadows of what Disney offers, for certain specific segments of guests, specifically, many adults over the age of 40.

We did Islands of Adventure on Friday, and Universal Studios on Saturday. We arrived at 9am both days.

We entered Islands of Adventure at 9am and were very impressed with the richness of the theming, especially of the Entry area. They've clearly spent a lot of time and effort on building beautiful sets. <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Click here for photo.</A> <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Click here for photo.</A>

We got to core of the park and turned right. We proceeded around the park counter-clockwise, and didn't find a single attraction open that we were able to ride (given my back problems); not a single attraction. Most of the sit-down shows have their first show at 11am -- a full two hours before *anything* actually opened that I would be
allowed to see. Even the Discovery Center was closed. It's like what Disney does for Carousel of Progress -- but for EVERY SINGLE non-thrill ride: because they don't expect a big crowd, they just close *every* attraction except the roller coasters. I have lots of photos of various types of closed and "doesn't open until XXX" signs. <grin>

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Island Skipper Tour Closed</A>

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Jurassic Park Discovery Center Closed</A>

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Jurassic Trieratops Encounter Closed</A>

So, we sat around for about an hour and a half, and then took in <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Poseidon's Fury</A>. Afterwards, we had missed the beginning of the Sinbad stunt show, so we gave up. We didn't feel that Poseidon's Fury was worth the ~$45 (each) we paid for the day.

Robbie was especially disappointed about the Sneetches ride. She loved the idea of it. I read in the Orlando Sentinel that despite two years of trying, they haven't managed to figure out how to get the ride to work, so they're now taking down the "Opening Soon" signs and, for all practical purposes, giving up. Those rails will evidently remain up there as reminders of a ride that never was.

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Sneeches Ride Closed</A>

I was also surprised to see how careless some of the maintenance was. We were there first thing in the morning -- there was no excuse for seeing this outside the entry to Mythos: <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Trash</A>

So, regarding IoA, it is a very beautiful park, but I wouldn't bother visiting it unless you are completely healthy.

Miscellaneous photos:

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Seuss Landing</A>

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Lost Continent</A>

<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Deuling Dragons</A>

Universal Studios was a bit better. While I wasn't able to ride Back to the Future, Twister or MIB, I was able to see Terminator 2-3D and many of the shows. However, Robbie noted a distinct lack of service quality. At T2-3D, we used Front-of-Line access, but the operator forgot to check for us. We stood waiting there for 10 minutes and then he popped out after starting up the show. Surprised, he told us it would be 20 minutes before the next show!!!!
see about a refund. (This was first thing Saturday morning, so we were still sore from the shafting we got the day prior at IoA and were ready to head back to the hotel and give up on USF completely.) He blanched, and then walked us into the show which hadn't really started yet (though it was already dark and we couldn't see). Just bad all around -- he screwed up three times there. We saw similar problems all over both parks, where employees were just not paying attention.

We saw maintenance problems at Universal Studios as well:
<A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Broken concrete</A>

However, what I got out of the weekend most was the impression that there were some pretty good people there trying to do a good job, but put in impossible situations in which no one could really succeed. Over-and-over again we'd talk with an operator or store clerk and they'd switch into this "I'd really like to help you but there's
nothing I can do" mode -- something we never get at Disney (either because the CMs aren't put into those kinds of positions, or they're empowered to do something about them.)

In the end, though, they're trying to compete with WDW, and they're really failing badly. They're charging the same amount, on the surface: $1000 for three nights and two days of admission. That's comparable to a stay at the Grand Floridian. Yet, we had to self-park to avoid a punitive $10 per night charge for valet parking. There isn't a single aspect of the trip that was less expensive than the closest analog at WDW, and many aspects that were more expensive.

We stayed at the Portofino Bay Resort, which was rather nice. The place is set up like a <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>quaint seaside town in Italy.</A> Although it is a small piece of property so you can see the <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>Hard Rock Hotel</A> from that little seaside town.

We had an <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>efficient water launch to CityWalk</A>. There was a nice cafeteria with a great <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>breakfast buffet</A> and separate breakfast menu (though they do seem to have <A HREF= TARGET=_blank>trouble toasting bagels without burning them</A>).

The top-shelf restaurant, Delfino Riviera. charges a bit less than Victoria & Alberts, but provides (from what I've heard), less personal service than V&A. Rather we were served by an ever-changing cavalcade of servers, who were all attentive, but I doubt I saw the same one twice. We did enjoy a great couples massage at the spa; but at $200 + tip, I feel that was also overpriced as compared to WDW.

I'm sure there'll be more, but I'm so overwhelmed with work and preparation for my surgery that I won't have time to put in more than a few words here and there for now, beyond this message. I figured I should get some of this down before my memory starts to fade.

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Sep 7, 1999
Hi, bicker:

Wow, I never had the pleasure of such a detailed critique.

I'm sorry you didn't have a stellar time at the parks. The problems you had seemed to be temporary problems, though, none of which I have experienced, so I hope you give them another chance.

Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure are two of my favorite parks in Orlando. I also love Disney parks immensely , as you can see I'm a moderator for both boards, and do not compare the two. In my opinion, each have their flaws and plusses, but each are entities of their own.

I believe if someone is disappointed it's based on their expectations. Maybe you can go next time with a better attitude, like I had to do with the Animal Kingdom.

And by the way, I'll be 45 next month.

God bless...


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Oct 16, 2000
Sorry you had a bad experience but I agree that IOA and USF are not for people with severe back problems. These parks are for people who prefer thrill rides and are movie buffs. We also love Disney but my teens prefer Universal and I feel the parks are so different that a comparison is not possible. Disney is geared for children with rides and shows that are sweet and cute where Universal is geared for teens and adults with thrilling rides and shows. I enjoy both parks for different reasons.

We were at both a couple weeks ago, all the parks had closed attractions, Indiana Jones was closed because of cheerleaders. Never really noticed trash at either parks but was to busy to notice any. We found several of Disney's employees did not speak English very well. On the Jungle ride at Disney a speaker fell on a woman's shoulder and my husbands leg, the situation was not handled very well at all. He still has a bruise, I can't imagine how the woman's shoulder is. The CM's were at a loss on what to do. So theres problems with both parks.

I hope when your back is better you try again. You missed all the rides that make Universal great. Oh I'm 40 by the way.


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Oct 12, 1999

I am in the midst of preparing for my third trip to USO after age 40. So I am clearly of a different mind set than the original poster. It costs a fortune in both time and money just to get there, but well worth it. Until the upcoming trip next month, I have not ridden any thrill ride except JP. (My "old age" challenge to myself is to ride the coasters next month). But then, I am healthy and my back is fine. I seem to remember that the rides at WDW are not that different in style and I would imagine that even at WDW, someone with a bad back would be severly limited in what they could ride. And isn't Twister a walk-thru and not a ride? Why would it be off-limits to someone with a bad back?

I suspect my outlook is different. I really don't notice little bits of trash or chipped concrete when I am at any theme park. And I am very understanding of other people's forgetfulness. It happens to us all (and to me more lately ;) ) I am sure the staff member did not mean to leave people waiting.

But I want to thank Bicker for the very wonderful pictures. He certainly has an eye for composition. My pictures never turn out so lovely. Mahalo for sharing. :)

And I really hope the surgery goes well. Maybe if after you recover and feel better, you can give Universal another chance. I know when I am not feeling well, I cannot enjoy things as well. Take care.

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Jul 23, 2000
Hate to break it to you.. but even Disney doesn't have a team that goes out every night and spackles the entire park, it's just not possible. You also found two pieces of trash laying in a crevice in a corner in an area that you would have to be looking for to find. Plus, the picture is of Mythos' Exterior, not poseidon's fury.. just thought you might like to know..


Feb 27, 2000

Give me 1 hour at each Disney park and a camera and I will point to a piece of garbage on the ground somewhere and a piece of a building that needs fixing or painting and a piece of concrete that doesn't look right.


You complain that from the Portofino you can see the Hard Rock. From my room at Disneys BoardWalk I could see the Swan/Dolphin Hotel.

Trust me, the exterior of the Swan/Dolphin is a LOT UGLIER than the exterior of the Hard Rock.

Maybe you should have demanded to be changed to a Pool view or Garden View since looking at the Hard Rock bothered you so much.

As far as the closed attractions go, when you got to the park you should have looked at the Printed park guide for the day and looked at the attractions you wanted to go to. The opening times are printed in the park guide and you wouldn't have had to waste your time walking all over. You could have immediately gone back to the hotel and hang out by the pool or gone over to USF.

You said that you wouldn't bother visiting IOA if you aren't completely healthy. My grandparents are in their late-70's and my grandmother had to use a wheelchair but they loved IOA and Universal and thanked me immensly for reccomending that they check it out.

I do not know what your specific back problem is but in theme parks the only new rides being created are either childrens rides or thrill rides for adults. Unfortunately there is not much incentive in catering to adults who do not ride thrill type rides.

If you look at Disney the most recent attractions built are thrill rides like Rockin Rollercoaster, Test Track, Tower Of Terror, Kali River Rapids, Countdown To Extinction. They have also built new baby-ish rides such as Pooh's Adventures and the Alladin ride in Adventureland. My point is, most of Disney's most expensive and popular rides are similar to Universal's most expensive and popular rides.

If you are looking for a vacation where someone who does not like thrill rides will not feel excluded, maybe a theme park was not your best option.

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Dec 26, 2000
I totally agree with Jon360. There is no park that can be everything to all people. If every attraction were built to please Bicker, there would be a whole bunch more of us that were disappointed. On our first trip to WDW, we were disappointed, especially with MK. To quote my son "Too many princesses and too much baby stuff". We know now that MK is not for us, but that doesn't mean we would run it in the ground and nit pick about every little thing we didn't like, I'm sure to the annoyance of Bicker.

Bicker, did you do any research on the parks before going. If so, you would have known what to expect. If you didn't do the research, then I think you've forfeited your right to complain about the cost of your vacation. You paid to go to theme parks with thrill rides and that is what you got. It is not the fault of the parks that you are physically unable to enjoy their offerings.

Bicker, I hope your surgery goes well and that once you are healthy you will be able to lighten up and enjoy things a little more.


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Mar 12, 2000
... I disagree! My husband and I are 40 plus and we love Universal and IOA. The theming is wonderful. We stayed at the Portofino this past December and loved every minute of it - beautiful hotel, friendly accomodating staff, great food. We had a bay view room with a balcony and we loved the view of the HR hotel in the distance. We ran the jogging path over to Univeral/IOA past HR, through Citywalk and back - the landscaping and theming compares to any Disney has to offer, IMO. Beautiful!! I'm a serious gardener and was in awe of the landscaping around the Universal hotels and on the route to (and in) the parks.

We are DVC members and have stayed at both BWV and OKW. We love EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, but I don't think you can compare the Universal parks to Disney. What about the website that focuses on every little crack and flaw in the Disney parks? (sorry, I can't remember the name of it) If you are looking for problems/flaws/imperfections/crabby staff, I'm pretty sure you'll find it everywhere from the grocery store to the airlines to your coworkers
(not to mention friends and family lol!) ;)

We definitely plan to spend more time during our stays in the Universal hotels and theme parks!

Just my 2 cents.

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Apr 6, 2000
Nothing left for me to say, you guys covered everthing :) I guess once a Disney nut always a Disney nut. :rolleyes:

Bicker, hope your surgery goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery!




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Dec 28, 2000
Frist let me mention that I have not been to US or IOA yet...going in May and staying at the Portofino after our 5 day stay at Disney World. So, I am not able to make a comparision here.
Any Hoo! :rolleyes: While I do get annoyed with some people who do seem to be "looking"for all the flaws (my father at most restaurants who "always"finds something wrong), I think it's important to focus on that fact that all of us are part of a "discussion"not a " debate or argument". I can see where a crack in the cement can be an awfully petty complaint that would stir up some annoyance, but I also think if we come down too hard on those who voice a negative opinion or observation of their experience, then we risk losing complaints that may be individually valid for some, but not for others, because people will fear the response. For instance, I have a bad back so I welcome those who may post a remark about a certain ride so that I might avoid it. Even though I probably will make my own judement call on it when I get's still good info to have. After all, they are just commenting on a theme park. It's not like they are insulting you personally. ;) I for one, am looking forward to US and matter how many slabs of concrete are cracked or wayward candy bar wrappers may be lurking. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

"Tootles",uneamie...creator of: "Poetry Parlor" a romantic poetry reading room...come see!

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Nov 3, 2000

I'm not sure if this is the web site WiseGirl was referring to, but it does show that Disney - as well as Universal - is not perfect. I think that both Disney and Universal generally do a great job of keeping the parks looking good, though they do slip up from time to time.


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Sep 26, 2000
Hi bicker,

Just a few observations based on your findings. I was curious what exactly happens after 40?? Do we stop enjoying what we once did? Are our bodies unable to continue enjoying what we once did? According to your profile we are the same age. You arent even 40 yet! Unfortunately for you, it seems you went looking for a bad time. You took pictures of broken concrete (quite small too). A picture titled Garbage, I really expected to see a pile of garbage! One tissue and a stick? Burnt bagels? Rides that were closed. By the way being a guest at Portofino you were given a Guest Entitlements Sheet that states all opening times for the rides for that week. Also lists if any rides are down. I am also curious where you purchased this $1000 package that only gave you a 2day pass? Was your room a deluxe? My family of 4 stayed here in December for 4 nights we had a deluxe room 3 day passes a free dinner and many other coupons. (booked through Universal Vacations) My grand total for that package was $911 I could never get an equivelent deal (same category hotel) at Disney for that price. What aspects were more expensive than Disney?

I really didnt intend this to sound like I am bashing you for your findings. I think that when an individual posts something that comes off so negative it really makes me wonder why. Was your trip intended to be a justification to liking Disney better? Perhaps because you are a DVC owner? I dont just seems you really never gave it a fair shot.

One last comment...I suffer from a cronic back condition that will soon find me facing an operation as you are now. I do the best I can . Yes some rides I avoid. I did not find these parks to be any different from Disney parks (by the way, yes I love Disney as well) as far as what I needed to avoid. each parks has those rides bad back people just cant take advantage of.
However if you toured these parks in pain...even Disney would not have looked so rosey to you.

I wish you a sucessful operation and a speedy recovery. Take care of that back.



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Feb 2, 2001
I agree, it should be a debate, not an argument, and I think, if anyone is harsh, it is in the replies!
Everyone coming down on bicker needs to remember the circumstances here are different than the rest of the world. For example, I bought a set of custom wheels for my Grand Cherokee. I paid around $800. The installers used the wrong type of socket and gouged every rim at all 5 lug nuts. Some people could berate me, saying "hey, there just RIMS!!!" But the situation is different. A $15 junk yard rim, Who Cares? But a $800 set of brand new, installed by authorized dealer, polished alloys, and they ruin them all! Thats another story all together!
In defense of bickers point,
1) these places charge up the wazoo. The guests expectations SHOULD BE higher.
2) The #1 priority in these places is WHAT YOU SEE. It's not function, or utility, but the Experience. To fail at appearence is to fail at their very purpose in existing.
3) The theme parks this time of year are closed From 6 ot 7 pm until 8am. There is NO EXCUSE for not sweeping up, or cleaning the bird crap - that's inexcusable, or patching cement every morning. As I like to say, it's not brain surgery, the only excuse is laziness.
Again, he is saying this was 1st thing that day. We all know, during the day, things get messy, but hey, once they close, they should clean up the place!
I also would like to defend (partially) the replies and hope to suggest some understanding. I myself suffer from a painful condition. At times, it makes it impossible to enjoy anything. I become as unhappy and unpleasant as anyone you could imagine. So, while I agree bicker is being More harsh than a person would normally be, I understand how much a bad back could make it hard to have a good time.
I think we all agree, a better back, and Bicker will enjoy the place more. I also really value his opinion, as it let's us know that a person not feeling well might really want to go someplace - quieter.


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Feb 2, 2001
I forgot. I am ONE HUNDRED AND 15 pecent with bicker on the burnt bagel. In a 4 star hotel, or even Denny's there is no excuse whatsoever for serving food that is obviously prepared improperly. If I was at a truck stop diner, I would expect them not to burn the toast and then expect me to accept it. Well, maybe at a truck stop diner, but if I went to portofino, I would be Really Mad if they didnt pay attention to that. Extremely mad. In fact, I'd say "What is this??? BURNT TOAST??? What is this place, a truck stop diner?"
Then they'd spit in my orange juice.
By the way, I have a bad back too, not surgery bad, but for a few months, I was on the floor for an hour each day around 2pm, resting, and I was addicted to Aleve for about 6 months - then got ulcers from that! I rode the rides anyway (being mostly recovered by then). I can say, YUP, they sure do make your back worse if it's strained to begin with. Particularly, my neck was also sore, and my mom complained of the same thing. Back to the Future was the real deal on that. Thankfully, they have those signs to tell you.


Feb 27, 2000
Come on Chase, if you simply said to the waiter/waitress "The Bagel is too burnt" I guarantee they would immediately get you another one. If you are in a fancy restaurant like the one at Portofino and feel that your food was prepared improperly it is your right and your job to tell them about it and send it back.

Taking a picture of it and posting it on the internet will do nothing to solve the problem. If you cannot bring yourself to ask for a replacement bagel then you only have yourself to blame!

If you think this never happens at Disney restaurants, maybe I should have had a digital camera with me 2 years ago when my younger brother was given uncooked chicken fingers and soggy fries for his kids meal at the California Grill.

I have had breakfast at Trattoria Del Porto and thought it was excellent. Granted, I didn't have any bagels but if that was the biggest problem with your meal you should have sent it back!!!

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Jul 23, 2000
A few pointers for people who seem to be lacking logic lately..

Cement takes a very long period (Days) of time to dry and be properly "Cured" so that it meets safety standards.

Birds crap every moment of every day, even in their sleep. You should be happy that Universal has such a high amount of folliage to attract birds to it's parks.

It rains in Florida.. constantly throughout the summer. Are you out in a poncho in tropical storms in the dark looking for straw papers? Then don't expect other people to be either.

Would you rather they paid a crew of experts some money to constantly be working and upgrading rides and systems and ensuring their functioning, that they hired an entire fleet of trash pickers and window washers to keep the place spotless while the rides broke down?

To expect any park to be perfect is ridiculous. This "I paid this much money to be happy" attitude of yours needs to take a vacation of it's own. Just a quick reminder.. There is no such thing as just hired help, they are people you pay to do a service you can't do yourself, and trust me, I'd love to be there to see your face when you try to build and run your own theme park. No one in the world owes you anything, if the money leaves your wallet, it's your own mistake if it goes bad.


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Dec 28, 2000
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>No one in the world owes you anything, if the money leaves your wallet, it's your own mistake if it goes bad.

I most surely do not agree with this statement. It's say the least!
While I am responsible for my actions in life...that does not mean that it is my mistake for buying a car that is a "lemon", ordering "steak-rare" that comes back cremated, buying furniture that comes delivered damaged. No consumer has total control over the product they are purchasing. Ultimately in the end, yes I may have to absorb the loss if I cannot resolve it, but that does not make me responsible for problems the product has...all it does is make me not use that product ever again, or trust the company who made it.

"Tootles" uneamie


Earning My Ears
Feb 2, 2001
I'm glad some people agree with me.
1) I was agreeing with bickers, that's it.
2) It is the servers JOB to LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE SERVING. It is also the Cooks job to LOOK AT WHAT HE IS COOKING. Having worked as a waiter (years ago) I can tell you we are trained to do this. It is apathy on the part of the server when it happens. They just dont care. Further, their managers do not care, if they maintain that type of staff.
Is someone here arguing that it is too difficult for the servers to glance at the plate as they bring it to the table? Geez, let's not ask too much of them!
3) Are we to expect that USF NEVER fix the cracked cement? It was not a crack in the ground, but rather, a cement column, I thought, that had disintegrated - as in pieces missing. Should they only do this on Christmas? (Or are they open then too?) Certainly, they should block off the area and perform a repair. Needless to say, just because you dont know the proper way to care for things does not mean the rest of us should never fix them.
Further, I have seen, and I think everyone will agree, that any guest would fell better if the staff were to put a little sign on the area, maybe a little smiley face with the word "Oops!" on it, explaining they would be fixing it as soon as possible.
It's called a customer service initiative.
4) If you want to criticize me, read what I said.
I specifically agreed with Bickers that during CLOSED HOURS, they should clean. I never said they should have window wiper's standing around wiping windows all day long. I specifically said, they could have it clean when they first open in the morning. And I am sorry, but that does include little papers and sticks, which I belive Bickers correctly identified is being at Mythos around the edges of the entrance. No, they dont need to put the bulk of their gross receipts into it, but they certainly can afford to pay an employee at each booth or restaurant to take 10 minutes every morning to walk the perimiter and pick up trash.
I cannot stand when people stick ridiculous words in my mouth and then say, that's so stupid. Well, you are right, it was stupid. I'm glad you made it up, and not me!
5) 3 words on bird crap: bucket of water.

Further, when did anyone say they felt they should not have to say anything? I, again, read what I have written, I specifically said, If it was me, I would have said something. But, I would not simply ask for another, I would also point out I expect better service in that class of restaurant.
Again, I've worked in the industry, and I am telling you, not only do (intelligent) customers expect good service in expensive places, but the owners and managers do as well.
Too many people looking to fight, not enough who know when they should...


Earning My Ears
Feb 2, 2001
the first thing he says is that USF may not be good for many people over 40. He did not say ALL, he did not even say MOST. Just Many. I would agree with that without reading anything he said. he then points out that a significant number of rides are Thrill rides, and that of the others, they have limited hours. Leaving him disappointed. What's wrong with that? It's informative to someone who doesnt know!
He also points out he was surprised that it was not cleaner - IN the morning, when they first open, and that he felt the food was not as good as he expected Considering the Class of the Hotel. He also noted most hotels of that calibur have complimentary valet parking. Why would anyone be mad at this? It's an opinion, and valid. He may be picky, but so what? Where should you be picky? Stuckeys?
He was particularly sour about some of it, but he was careful to Qualify what he said. While it may have been bitter, I understand his feelings and appreciate his perspective.
I will re-iterate, I have been to USF before, I loved it, and I am going back. Give the guy (and me) a break.
And to everyone else, I love you!


Earning My Ears
Feb 2, 2001
By the way, I also used to live in florida. For serveral years, in Sarasota, on Avila Ave, specifically. I know exaclty what the weather is like, and I know it is particularly nice in January. (Pretty cool at times) but certainly, there are no tropical storms right now. (For Florida weather info, see below) So, no, I dont expect anyone to go out in a poncho in a tropical storm to look for papers. In fact, if there were one, it would probably blow those papers (and the bird crap) away! I do expect them to sweep (pun) the perimiter of the buildings. Every morning. Light or dark. (they do have light at 8am down there, as I recall).
More correctly, while there are a few tropical storms each year, most do little or no damage. What Florida is know for actually is hot humid weather during the summer. Last year, there was a terrible drought, actually. No rain at all for MONTHS, including march, april, and beyond. Lawn watering, at home car washing, and fountains were all illegal. When it does rain, Florida has an unusual pattern. The weather is often beautiful. During the early afternoon, there will be a snap storm. for even as little as 5 minutes, the sky will cloud over, dark grey even, and just POUR water down on you. Then in an instant, it will stop, clear up, and be sunny the rest of the day. Yes, there are rainy days, and in July or August there may be a few Tropical Storms, But they dont call it "Sunny Florida" for no reason. Anyone want to criticize my knowledge of florida weather? It's about 70 degrees these days by the way - low 60's overnight, and it will be in the 80's next month with some highs reaching 90 by april. Anyone? come on, come on!
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