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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by zakatak, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. zakatak

    zakatak <font color=deeppink>Cinderella looked at me like

    Jan 18, 2001
    As I said in another post, we are going on a spontaneous trip to WDW on Wednesday... we will be meeting dh down there (he is already in Tampa on Business).

    We leave at 6:15am Wed morning, flying JetBlue, and arriving in Orlando at 10:45am. We will have Yourride waiting for us. Us being me and ds (6), dd (4) and dd (2). Now you will understand the next line...

    I AM IN A TOTAL PANIC! I can't sleep, I can't eat (and I NEVER understood that before now... how people can be so uptight that they can't eat! :eek: )... but boy, do I now... I feel like I have the EXCEDRIN shakes all the time... Saturday morning I was up between 1am and 4:30am (then 2 hours sleep) then all by myself with the kids all day! Then I crashed last night about 8:30 (realizing I had eaten a 1/2 cup of soynut mix all day) and woke up at 3:30am WIDE AWAKE!! :mad: So I read for a bit until 5am, then caught an hour sleep until dd (4) comes in and reads the clock, "It is six two one"... ugh.:rolleyes:

    And here I sit, awaiting another VERY long day without DH, no break, already packed (lol)... I did manage to force down a small bowl of cheerios.

    Oh, I suppose you want to know what exactly I am panicking about? Then you can help me! :p

    1. Should I bring an umbrella stroller? It is one more thing to carry, one more thing they can fight over, one more thing I have to fold up and get on the bus... BUT, then I don't have to carry dd (2) everywhere if she gets tired. I don't want to rent one, saving money.

    2. GETTING ON THE PLANE WITH MY THREE LITTLE CHILDRDEN. I am completely horrified about this. How can I relax while I am terrified of flying? Will they behave? Will I survive?

    3. Potty breaks. I will be there alone with them until Friday Aft. I have to SCHEDULE bathroom breaks so we can ALL go in together! My ds (6) will NOT go potty in a women's room, although I could drag him in while I take the little girls. Then I have to wait in front of the men's room while he goes hoping he isn't molested... :( And, if someone has to go while we are eating... we ALL have to leave the table and go and someone will throw our food out!! :(

    4. I can't take Tylenol PM to sleep at night since I am the only adult here and can't risk being impaired in case of an emergency. How can you possibly be SO tired and not be able to sleep right?

    OK, thanks for the vent. If anyone has any ideas on calming me down... please let them fly... (no pun intended).

    Karen :(
  2. glo

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Ok take a deep breathe...

    First rent a double stroller...more money, but then the two youngest can go in it, and when the 6 year old is tired, she can sit at the bottom ...I have done it before ;)

    You can do it, believe me. I took my three girls down alone in 2000, in July when it is very busy. The twins were three and my oldest was 8. Use the handicap bathroom for potty breaks no problems, and believe me people understand.

    Do not plan on anything. To be honest. Best thing I did was just make a few committments. No early morning, and I took it way easy. Just plan on coming back for naps or pool time to unwind about 1pm or so. We stayed at the Dolphin that trip, and would stop and pick up lunch at Tubbies and head up to the room. Sometimes I would take them to the baby pool. YOu can do this, just do not make it a power trip. What you do is what you do. Enjoy your kids reactions to things...when they get tired do not push them farther just go find a place to unwind. Things like Belle's story time behind the castle, or a picnic.

    If you need more suggestions yell...
    hugs and do not stress yourself will be a magical trip...I am going to do it again only this time a two week road trip :)
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  4. TigH

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    Jun 1, 2000
    I think you need to do about 24 hours of yoga. The end part, where you lie on the floor and focus on your breathing! :) Just kidding!

    Make a list of things to do. If the stroller is going to be a lifesaver in the end, bring it (I don't have kids so I don't have any idea how cumbersome it will be to bring it along with all your luggage and everything else!) ;)

    Bear with me here...this is going to sound a little corny. :) Ok, listen. I don't know about you, but I don't worry about the rotation of the earth, the sunrise or the sunset, how fast my toenails grow, whether the grass will suddenly burst into flame and leave me with a scortched lawn, etc. Those are all kind of silly things to worry about. Well, I have learned over the last few years to (mostly) not worry about anything. Ok, I fret over the stupid scale... but worrying can't get ANYTHING done for you. All it does is eat up time, frustrate you, make you anxious and pretty much mess up your life.

    Try to enjoy every day as much as you possibly can. Roll with the punches. Laugh, a lot! If something goes wrong, shrug your shoulders and move onto the next thing.

    You are going on a vacation to Disney. It will be warm and sunny (I hope). :) You get to enjoy your kids and yourself while you are in fantasy land for a week or so. Just focus on the fun!!!
  5. zakatak

    zakatak <font color=deeppink>Cinderella looked at me like

    Jan 18, 2001
    Why oh Why are Liquor stores closed on Sundays? :( All I wanted was a little wine...

    Oh well, hopefully better sleep tonight.

  6. nativetxn

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    Feb 15, 2000
    Okay first: <b><i>DEEP CLEANSING BREATH</b></i> You can do this.

    I'm not going to offer you any advice. The truth is that although I've visited WDW solo many times, I've never visited solo with small children, so I wouldn't have any idea of what I spoke :rolleyes:

    Just wanted to offer some comforting {{{HUGS}}} and pd with a sedative effect.

    Hope you can get some sleep tonight, sweetie. What a great trip you are going to have.

  7. zakatak

    zakatak <font color=deeppink>Cinderella looked at me like

    Jan 18, 2001
    UPDATE: I finally got some sleep last night! :Pinkbounc Although I was woken up with dd (4)'s growing pains :( , I did manage to get back to sleep. Then she came into my room all excited about the trip, and I noticed it was WAY to dark, like 3am dark... so she hopped into bed and went back to sleep...and so did I!!

    It is -2 degrees here this morning but I am SHOPPING for Disney! Actually, only two things on my list... FLOATIES and WINE. lol

    I'm going to Disney in two days! YEAH! I can and will do this!

    Thanks for your suggestions and help!
  8. disneygals

    disneygals <font color=purple>Call me "galbabies"</font><br><

    Jun 19, 2000

    I have flown alone with kids twice..once a 3 and 1 year old and once they were 6,4, and 2. People will help you! Don't worry.
    I hate to fly , but when I focus on the kids, I don't have time to worry.

    We've done Disney with little ones, with me pregnant etc. Yes, it's crazy, but so is just going to the grocery store with little kids.

    Have a GREAT time!

  9. Lesley

    Lesley DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 1999
    I agree with glo on the rental stroller....even with 2 kids its often much easier than carrying our own. Though if you do decide to take your own and then decide to rent a double, they will hold your stroller for you (or at least they have for me).

    The wine sounds like a good plan...

    Otherwise, try your best to relax....have a good time in WDW. It will be fun....there's no way it couldn't be!
  10. zakatak

    zakatak <font color=deeppink>Cinderella looked at me like

    Jan 18, 2001
    Well, it's Disney Eve here in Akron, NY... and the girls are fighting like cats and dogs... oye. :rolleyes:

    Up at 4:17am this morning, thinking, "It's Disney Eve!!"... read til 5:45am, slept for 30 minutes...

    I don't have alot to do, but I have a busy day...

    There is actually a winter weather advisory for WNY for tonight into tomorrow... another thing to keep in mind for my 'wake up call' at 3:50am!

    Have a great day...


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