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    Oct 26, 2000
    Rachael 33 - Obsessive planner, Disney phreak, just plain obsessive about everything, trip report writer.
    Nick 32 - Calm, mild mannered Disney phreak, leaves trip planning to Rachael. Hard working needs this vacation.

    Yippie AK day. My favorite.

    I get get breakfast from the food court. I forgot to mention all week ling I have been making friends with this family of ducks and feeding them bread on my way back from the food court. (I know not their natural diet)
    On the days I only got coffee it must have looked pretty funny. 2 coffee's and just a slice of bread thank you. I also have been carrying around in the backpack pack some almonds in case I run into any wayward squirrls and an apple in case I run into any wayward bunnies. Today I find both. The Bunny at AK and the squirrls at EPCOT. Yes I'm an animal nut.

    We ride Safari, get a FP then head to Dinosaur and ride it 2x. then we do ITTBAB. It's very hot today high 80's and we are starting to wilt so we go on KRR and of course gets who gets soaked? ME!!! to the bone. But I din;t really care since it was hot. We have lunch at restrauntassaraus.

    We head to the Safari ride and use our FP but there isn't really a line. We ride again. We go to the little bar in Hurumbe and have a couple of "lost of safari" drinks. This is where I find the bunny to feed the apple to she is hopping around behind us in in the bush as we sit and enjoy our drinks.

    To Dino. again and Jungle trek. The tigers are lounging around by the pool and both Snappy and I get lots of great pictures.

    It;s time to head out but I convince Nick to let us ride Safari one last time since we won't be back till next year. We do and are both happy we do. It's late and it has cooled off and it's like an animal convention. We see everybnody including the baby giraffe. The baby is on the left side of the road and the mother is on the right munching away in some bush so we have to go between them to get by so the driver says we have to keep quiet as to not scare the mom and have her think we are goung to hurt her baby. This is a great Safari except these two "trouble" makers on the ride. Maybe they didn't speak English but the driver had to keep yelling at them. The guy kept standing up. and the woman was eating and drinking and finally the driver caught her getting ready to take a sip and the driver yelled at her "DO NOT TAKE EVEN ONE MORE SIP"
    They behaved after that. We saw all the elephants, cheeth's, the lions were out playing as well as the pumba's. The driver had told us to be alert and that she may be speaking or driving and unable to tell us and see something and would wave and point wildly so we should pay attention. The ostriches were causing a big commotion chasing the truck and each other and some hooved animals were getting into the mess and it was quite funny and alot to see and the driver was talking and trying to explain what was going on on the left when I noticed her hand wildly pointing to the right so I looked and out of the bush popped a rhino family and they came right up tp the side of the truck. I have a really good picture of that. It was such a good Safari Nick & I agreed it was the best we had been on ever.

    We head out to EPCOT we get a FP for TT, walk WS and head to Italy for our PS at ALfredo's. This restraunt is hopping. We cannot believe how busy. The food is great. I had the fried Calamair appitizer it WAS the BEST ever. The waiter said that they make it fresh it is NOT frozen. I love calamari and had never had any this good. We both had the house special the fettuchni (sp) Alfredo. The BEST BEST BEST BEST ever. It was the best meal we had the whole trip and it wasn't very expensive at all.

    Then we have to head to Boardwalk because we have reservations for a ILLUMINATIONS CRUISE. We had hoped to get there early to look at Disney Vacation Club because we are the recently proud owners of 240 points at BWV, and we have never seen them . We had to buy sight unseen because they were selling out and we had planned to buy this Jan anyway. We get mixed up information trying to find out where the boat is leaving from and we get there just in time. This is where we meet "CruiseCaptain" We didn't know who he was at 1st. He asked how we knew about the cruise and I told him form the internet from a place called theDis. He laughed and told us he posted here as Cruise Captian. He was just WONDERFUL , entertaining and full of information. He drove us around before heading to EPCOT. We had a nice conversation with him and he told us we could ask him anything we wanted and we did. He knew alot about the place and is a real asset the the Disney orginazation. We headed over to EPCOT for the show and it was just teriffic. Back to Boarkwalk to look around. The DVC office was closed but they had it so we could peek at the units thru the glass. Very nice. We went to the gift shop to look for DVC stuff. Jacket boy decides he needs a DVC jacket. Being happy new DVC owners with Pixie Dust in our eyes I say ok. Normally he doesn't have to ask permission to buy things but as you know from before he is jacket boy and MUST ask before getting anymore jackets. We don't find his size but are told that the WL has a larger selection. We are planning on spending some time at BW but about this time I start feeling VERY sick and just want to get back to the room. I didn't mention earlier I get a very bad cold on day 3. This really pisses me off because I haven't had a cold in 5 years . We both had flu shots in Nov. just so this would't happen and I was on antibotics for something else so I thought I was covered. I think I must have picked something up at grandpa's new nursing home. So Nick buys me some cough drops, nighttime cough med. and we catch a cab back to the hotel and he puts me to bed.

    Miles walked 12.4

    All-Star Movies 1/99
    Dixie Landings 2/00
    DVC Members BW 12/00
    Contemporary 01/01
    DL/DCA 6/01
    BWV,Wonder,AKL 2/02
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    Aug 18, 1999
    How nice to get to meet CruiseCaptain. One day I hope to meet him too. I'm glad you had a good safari. Ours was ok..but it was already pretty hot and the animals were a little groggy.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun day and you got to meet Cruise Captain to boot. Hope you are feeling better in the morning. Thanks for posting!
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    Aug 27, 2000
    Thanks.. I was really looking forward to day 7.. great reports

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