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Jan 8, 2001
Hi, I'm new to the site so forgive me if I'm in the wrong section, Were going to WDW in nov. I'm about to overload with all the info. I love the forums,but I'm a planner and can't help researching everything, were wanting to do the disney cruise land and sea, I can afford the cruise just not the airfare, Were wanting to fly out of Denver, Co But airfare is around 430.00 each for a family of four. Is anyone out there have any insights on air discounts? It would be much appreciated. Can't wait to book and get that part over so I can have fun researching other things at Disney. Thanks Shop till I drop <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

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Just wanted to Welcome you to the DIS. YOu are correct, all of this information can be VERY mind boggling, but take your time, ask a lot of questions and you will do fine.
If you don't mind, I added something about airfare from CO in your post title to get attention there.
This is the best board for discussing money saving, but since you are doing a Cruise, be sure to visit our Cruise Board and Theme Park and Strategies Boards as well. Just go the the drop down menu at the bottom of this page to "Hop" to those pages.
Again - WELCOME! :)

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The nice thing about Disney booking your air is that if weather or something else causes your flight to be cancelled or delayed, Disney will "hold the boat" or make every effort to accomodate you. If you book the air on your own, you are ON YOUR OWN to get to the boat, even if it has sailed! Sometimes, IMHO, it is worth it to pay the higher price for air just to have this security. We fly out of podunk Kansas and we always struggle with the price of airfares. Just a thought you might want to consider. If you are set on looking for cheaper air and booking yourself, try Travelocity. You can put the dates in and it will give you the current quotes of the airlines that can get your there.
No need at all to pay $430 for Denver to Orlando unless you have to have a non-stop. Register for the fare tracker emails from Travelocity and Expedia. You may also want to consider flying into Tampa, as fares are sometimes significantly lower. If you are flying in for a cruise and you purchase our own plane tickets, it's really recommended that you fly in the day before.

Also check and on a regular basis. Cheaptickets currently has random November dates for $342 on TWA changing planes in St. Louis. No need to spend that much either, so just keep watching. It's not always best to purchase airfare this far in advance. A lot of people like all their plans finalized, but sometimes you pay a lot more that way.

You sound like a person after my own heart. I love to shop and will die doing it. Right now Travelocity is offering an airfare of $258/ticket from Denver to Orlando. However, you can probably do even better than this. Through Tavelocity I got round trip tickets for my family of 4 @ 140/each in October 2000 and $108 each for round trip from Denver to Orlando in March. It looks like you have plenty of time. Just routinely check Travelocity or the other sites mentioned. Once you find a good deal, book it. They go fast.
I agree with the travelocity comment - I check airfares there often. Also set up a page at - we just got an airfare from Denver to West Palm Beach for $155/person for November 2001 through yahoo.

One suggestion - be willing to fly into a nearby airport other than Orlando and it increases your chances of a bargain fare. West Palm Beach is 2 1/2 hours away - we've never been there so we don't mind the drive. Tampa is closer - about an hour's drive away. I've seen good airfares from Denver to Fort Myers, too.

If you really want to fly into Orlando you can for a good price - you just have to be patient. United is offering a deal through Safeway of $300/rt Denver to Orlando - that's not a bad price for a direct flight. We have also flown on Northwest from Denver to Orlando for $200/rt. Only Frontier and United have direct flights - we don't mind a connecting flight to save some $$$


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