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    581 here's a dumbo question :goodvibes. I have read that there is one drink station where you can go and refill mugs. If you order a beverage (soda?)from a bar, you are charged. Is there any other place to get your soda fix...i.e the "quick service" spots on-board? TIA :thumbsup2
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    Yes. On the wonder and magic there is a few stations. There are about 4 soda stations. And 2 for hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
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    Soda is free from the MDR, Buffet and drink station. Sodas from the bars or room service are charged.

    As far as I know, there's one drink "station" on deck, which has multiple soda fountains, a milk dispenser, and a couple of hot water/coffee dispensers. The quick service locations only provide food - drinks need to come from the drink station. Additionally, there are soda fountains in the buffet restaurant, along with milk, juice and coffee/tea. Table service restaurants will bring you soda to the table - the additional fee drinks in the MDRs are pretty clearly labelled on the menus.

    Have a great cruise!

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