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    Hello all! I came across the forum this past week when I did a search for the SX6 code I rec'd in an e-mail. Question was quickly answered as it seems to be a common marketing code. After that, I found a wealth of information & advice on here!

    About 5 years ago we started going to a new church & one of the members had the Disney family window decals. I scoffed & thought, "That's a bit much. I mean Disney is fun, but seriously?". I had been several times as a child, went to MK in 96 on our honeymoon, & even went to DHS & AK in 05 with our daughter. In 2010 my parents wanted to take the kids, but we felt they wouldn't be able to keep up with them. They offered to pay for us to go too, so by God, we were in! Ended up staying at SSR Treehouse Villas on that trip. We had a good time, but we felt very limited traveling with them. They were leaving the parks early in the evening & we didn't get the full WDW experience, in my opinion. However, I started having a change of heart. Instead of shaking my head at our Disney addicted friends, I began to understand how easy it can be to enjoy WDW, even as adults.

    Fast Forward to January 2013. The kids were 9 & 7 and could probably be able to handle longer days and ride most of the rides I wanted to ride. We decided to book a trip for Spring Break, just the 4 of us, and with the 20% room discount, were able to stay at CBR for a 4 day 3 night MYW package with dining plan. My wife spent hours researching & reading and planning and we finally arrived at CBR at 830am on 4/2. Mind blown...immediately!! What kind of hotel can you check in at 830am AND your room is ready??? The staff was incredible!! We decided to go to DD first & then to Epcot. Within an hour, I realized that 4 days just wasn't long enough. There was way to much to see & do here. Before the end of our first night there (probably influenced by the food & beer from The Biergarten!), I realized WE WERE BECOMING ONE OF "THOSE" FAMILIES!!! We had a phenomenal time! NO negative experiences at any restaurant, with any staff member...nothing! I never thought I would be able to spend one day, let alone FOUR, without thinking about work, bills, etc.. My mind was completely blown away by this trip & one of the most depressing moments of my life was having to leave on Friday evening!

    Since we've been home, all the wife & I have talked about is Disney!! I have spent countless hours reading blogs, Twitter & Facebook posts, at the resort website putting packages together hoping they'll send us a PIN! We can't wait to get back! Possibly coming down the week after Christmas, definitely coming back on Spring Break 2014! I hope our kids never get bored with trips to Disney, because they're going to be, bare minimum, an annual trip from here on out!! I just wish they had the 2014 prices out so we can start pricing that trip!

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