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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Robindianne, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Robindianne

    Robindianne DIS Veteran

    Mar 21, 2005
    Hi everybody. Well I just got back from a trip to WDW and of course I knew I was overweight and out of shape but the photos make me want to cry. I want to be able to wear a shirt or dress that isn't strategically printed or pieced for a fat stomach. I want to wear pants without the waist hurting late in the day. So, I eat "healthy" food - organic, nutritious, etc but eat too much. I don't exercise AT ALL except for when I have to carry a kid up the stairs at work (I'm a special ed teacher) or run after a child.

    I want to believe the dream that the "right" tool will fix it all. So, what's better: a bike or a treadmill? I've done the gym thing, WW, and just tracking calories eaten and burned. I have a wii fit that I don't use. I did a fitness bootcamp last year that really helped but I feel so fat there. And weak. So I'm nervous to do it again.

    So, bike, treadmill, other affordable alternative tool, tape, incentive? Oh the c25k thing sounds interesting also.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. FireDancer

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    Apr 3, 2008
    The right too is the one you will use. If you feel that you are more inclined to use a bike then a treadmill that is the one to get. If it is the other way around the treadmill is the one to get.

    Are you talking about a stationary bike or a regular bike for riding outdoors? From what I hear Seattle is a pretty bike friendly town. I am a believer in doing instead of simulating. What I mean is getting out on a bike or on the road as opposed to on a stationary bike or treadmill. I find the added incentive of being outside helps me a lot and unless the weather is absolutely terrible I even do my winter running outside.

    This may or may not be the situation for you. If you know you are more likely to use a treadmill then go out and walk/jog/run on the road then it is a good investment. Any piece of equipment that gets bought and used for a month only to turn into a piece of furniture is not. Another thing to think about is your body. If you have had knee or leg problems in the past perhaps a bike or elliptical is a better fit.

    What I would recommend is joining a gym, even if it is on a 30, 60, or 90 day trial. First, it will allow you to try the treadmill, bikes, elliptical, and any other piece of equipment for a bit before committing to purchasing one. Second, you will have the opportunity to do a little resistance training which is just as good for health and weight loss as cardio. Third, you will have the opportunity to speak with other people who are on the same journey (even if it is further along that journey) and get some tips.

    Lastly, even though this isn't really the question you asked, I would start journaling what you eat. Many people underestimate the amount of calories they eat, even while eating healthy, because they don't track it. One of the first things you will notice is that portion sizes are much smaller then most people think. That bowl of low fat granola and fat free yogurt may be 2 or 3 servings of each as opposed to one serving of eat.

    Good luck, I'm sure much more advice is on the way.
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  4. LAinSEA

    LAinSEA Meowmy to Tuxedo Cats

    Sep 7, 2000
    Truthfully, there isn't a magic bullet or a better exercise for losing weight--best is what you will do and stick with for the time needed to get to and then stay a healthy weight.

    Some like the variety of types of exericse, and it sounds like you have access to that should you want to take advantage of it. Some of us prefer to do just one thing that we are comfortable with.

    Me, I prefer to walk outside (I don't have a treadmill), but I don't like to walk in the rain and the dark--and you know that is what we've have a lot of lately. I also get exercise when I garden--again sort of weather dependent. So I am very much a fair-weather exerciser. When the weather is good, I'm very consistent with a 45 minute to 90 minute walk every day. When the weather is not-so-good, I'm not getting anything.

    Your tag says you live in Seattle--if you're close to Greenlake, or Alki, or the Burke-Gilman trail--all great places to walk where there are safety in numbers, you may want to set yourself an appointment for a specific time of day to do the loop or from a specific point to point. Start with a half an hour of slow to moderate walking and then add distance/time to your route, finally picking up your pace. This is also great if you can find a friend or neighbor to go with and talk to while you're walking and you can hold each other accountable.

    The hardest thing to do is to start. Once you have made the commitment, it really does get easier. (Well, weather permitting)

  5. APrunner

    APrunner Mouseketeer

    Feb 26, 2010
    You mentioned a C25K program. Look into it. There are several discussions on this site about such programs. I know a few people who went through similar programs and became addicted. It is nice to train with a goal at the end (in this case, finishing a 5K).

    The advice above is great though. The key is to find something you enjoy and will maintain.
  6. lisah0711

    lisah0711 ♥ her Disney office

    Sep 9, 2005
    Welcome to the WISH boards! :goodvibes

    It is a process to find what is going to work for you. The suggestion about starting the gym for awhile to try different things is a great one. Not to mention that the weather can not be condusive to ourside exercise for days here in the NW. So is the one about journalling what you eat. You can overeat even with natural or organic food. I really love the C25K program. I am just about to start my 3rd week -- I've never been a runner, never thought I would be a runner but am committing to running the Princess in 2011.

    If you want some support and accountability in your weight loss journey, you are welcome to join us in the BL 9 challenge. The ending date was just extended to May 21st so there is lots of time to make some good progress toward your goals. You can participate as much or as little as you want. Check out the link in the first post to see how the challenge works.

    Good luck on your journey to good health! You can do it! :flower3:
  7. ohMom

    ohMom Kids Get Arthritis Too! Moderator

    Oct 8, 2001
  8. crewmatt

    crewmatt DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2010
    I'd say the best tool is a friend and a goal (that isnt related to weight lost directly - the goal shouldnt be drop 20 lbs). Pick something that you want to accomplish, assuming you're on this board I'd say your a fan of disney world, and guessing from your username and the fact that you like to wear dresses you're a female. The DisneyWorld Princess Half Marathon is a goal my friend and her sister set for themselves, and after 3 months of working have both lost reasonably large amounts of weight and are feeling much better about themselves and their accomplishment. Pick a friend and both of you sign up for next years, book and plan a vacation, use your runs to plan things out and get excited for it.

    You have 11 months to get ready for the race which is a ton of time, putting the money down and getting a friend on board will get you into it and hold you accountable. Also there's hte Wine and Dine Half Marathon in October. Closer if you're afraid of working through the winter or losing motivation.

    You'll probably spend about the same amount of money on an exercise bike or treadmill, but if this gets you out and moving you'll be good to go. Its also way more fun (in my opinion)

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