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Dec 29, 2000
We have never been to US/IOA, but are considering going since they have such a great deal on tix. Anyway, since this will be a budget trip, we would NOT stay on site at US. I need to know, will the lines be awful if we don't have FOTL? We would be there from March 18th thru 25th or so. I know that there are some great deals at HRH, but we have 4 kids and would need 2 rooms so it would really add up! Anyway, thanks for any info. I can't believe that we may go to Orlando and NOT DO DISNEY! It would be great if Disney took the hint and offered discounted tix too...we will be able to get 7 days at US/IOA for LESS than half of what we would have to pay for a 4 day hopper to WDW!!! Sorry I am rambling, I just meant to ask about the lines W/O FOTL!!!!
you are hitting at spring break time so there will be some upsurge in attendence but thru the week still should not be to bad:smooth:
Just get there EARLY. Do the popular rides first and then get express passes for what you want to do again.


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