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Earning My Ears
Feb 16, 2002
Hi everyone! This a wonderful board filled with so much helpful information.
Even though I have been to Disney World too many times to count I have never stayed at a resort.
I am taking my granddaughters and mother at end of March and we will be staying at AKL.
How is the transportation from AKL to other parks? Is it easy to get to the bus stop and also will we have a long wait? Will it take us to all theme parks?
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

The AKL is a fabulous resort and I'm sure you'll all love it there!

The bus stop is just outside the main entrance and you can also get there through the gift shop. There will be buses that will take you to each of the theme parks, as well as buses to the water parks and Downtown Disney. If you want to visit any of the other WDW resorts you will need to take one of these buses and then catch a bus to the desired resort at the other end.

The wait time for any bus should be no longer than 20 minutes or so. Often it will be significantly less and occasionally it will be more as even the best schedules don't always run perfectly.

Have a wonderful stay!

AKL transportation is the best I've encountered! Never waited more than 10 mins either way (and was usually less). And the resort is truely wonderful! Have a great time.
Just back from AKL -- we found the bus service very good there, better than at WL, our second stop on this trip. Never waited more than 10 minutes, and the commute to AK and MGM are both pretty quick. The commute to MK is a little lengthy, IMHO.

It's a beautiful resort -- I'll be doing a thread comparing AKL & WL if you are interested.
Thanks everyone! I was really worried about transportation.
I don't know who is more excited about our trip...the kids or my Mother! :bounce:


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