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Jan 1, 2002
I don't know if anyone else has noticed or posted about this, but I just noticed that the latest "<B><I>Passport to the Disney Wonder</I></B>" information booklet that is enclosed with the documents was revised (considerably) 10/02. The previous edition was 6/00.

Some new, some old -
They <I>finally</I> mention the soda mug program. They also state that guests may bring 2 suitcases per person and may carry aboard <B>one day bag no larger than 9"x14"x22" plus a purse or briefcase</B>. Valuables, fragile items, baby-care or medical/health needs items must be transported <B>inside</B> of carry-on luggage.

There is expanded information on the youth programs - participating in ages groups other than their own, etc. It also states (I think this is new to the booklet although it was on their website and a thread here) that a child who shows <I>symptoms</I> of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained skin rash, discharge from the nose or eyes, or has any other contagious disease or illness will be prevented from participation in the prgrams.

Anyway, I only mention this because those of us who cruise frequently might not always read the enclosed booklet. :jester:
We received our document package earlier this week. I was going to flip threw the Passport to the Magic this afternoon for fun.

Tina :bounce:
Magic Western 1/18/03
From page 8 of <I>Passport to the Disney Wonder</I> - <B>"Coolers containing personal items (e.g. soda, or snacks) may NOT be brought onboard."</B> On page 6 it also mentions that beverage containers may not be packed in checked luggage either. They may actually be deciding to enforce this as part of increased security measures.

I assume they also updated the booklet for the Magic.
Do you mean we are allowed to bring soda on board? I don't remember seeing that anywhere. Is it just that we can't bring it in a cooler? Can we just carry it on?
I think people will always find a way to bring sodas aboard . . although I've never tried it since I'm not really a soda drinker.

Page 8 also states that "<I>any open snack containers will not be allowed to be brought onboard</I>." In the past I have seen people with bags of chips, cans of peanuts, etc. - eating some in the terminal and then boarding.

I don't know about the level of enforcement of any of this. Everyone can just read the new information booklets and decide whether to choose to obey the rules and recommendations. :p
We took a rolling cooler onboard our December was filled with plastic bottles of soda and water (two six-packs of soda and a six-pack of water). We just gave it to the porter at the curb, along with our other luggage, and she didn't question it.
DCL often does not enforce their own rules. However, publishing such rules in their information booklet sent with the cruise docs covers them if they should suddenly decide to enforce them. So mostly, my mention of the recently updated booklet is just a "heads up" for everyone. Guests can do what they have always done that has worked thus far, but won't have grounds for complaint if DCL decides to say "NO" at any time.
You're right about DCL not enforcing their rules, such as dress codes for dinner. I know, it's technically not a "rule," but when dining in Triton's last month we saw everything from formal wear to SWEAT PANTS and SWEAT SHIRTS (and this wasn't on the first night of the cruise so non-delivery of luggage was not an issue). If I had known I could get away with dressing down like that, I wouldn't have packed so many nice outfits! LOL
Originally posted by chucknrita
If I had known I could get away with dressing down like that, I wouldn't have packed so many nice outfits! LOL
Oh . . but didn't you feel really GREAT in those nice outfits? :teeth:

It is a pet peeve of mine that they do not enforce the dress code. I am sure you helped improve the scenery!
But Taswira, I had to face the "wrath" of my husband (basically some minor grumbling, LOL) when he saw the people in sweat outfits and also others wearing jeans (and we're talking the faded, torn variety here now). After harping to him about having to bring dressier clothes on the cruise and worrying if we would look okay, which is why we had three big suitcases and a garment bag plus carry-ons, he couldn't believe some of the get-ups people wore. He did think it was rather tacky for people to not have made at least SOME attempt to dress up. Then again, maybe that was dressing up for them? LOL :p
Well, wrath of your hubby or not, you obviously dressed to the recommended standards and I see that as a GOOD thing! I dress up even on the Wonder cruises, because that's one of the few times I feel better making the effort. At home, I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal. But I don't want this thread to turn into a dress code debate or it will be locked! LOL. To each his/her own, but I extend a personal thank you to those who choose to make the surroundings a bit more beautiful. :teeth:
To each his/her own, but I extend a personal thank you to those who choose to make the surroundings a bit more beautiful.
Absolutely. Why not? It's a gorgeous ship, they're gorgeous dining rooms, why not join in? There is a debate topic on the debate board discussing just that. If you're in a debating mood here's the link....
I have teenager who loves to dress up as I think many of them do but they wont go against the norm when with peers. Dinner on the cruise gives them the excuse they need and they love the way they look in pictures though they may be reluctant to admit it.


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