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Jan 31, 2000
How does this work? We were there last year and went to both parks at 7:00 a.m. and rode all the rides with no wait. Has the procedure changed and what is the deal with getting tickets. We are going back one day the week of Easter so we definitely want to know what to do.
Yes, Universal Express has changed a great deal since last year.

For one, the 7am openings are a thing of the past. Unfortunately (and I am sure this one will spark some conversation on the board), it looks as if 7am openings will NOT be part of the 2001 operating schedule for Universal Orlando.

In addition, the "No Line No Wait for Multi-Day passholders first 2 hours parks are open" is also a thing of the past. All advertising for this was cut the evening of Wednesday, February 14th, 2001.

So how does this help the guests?

The "new" (and much more permanent) Universal Express features touch-screen electronic kiosks outside of all Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure attractions. It is very similar to Disney's Fastpass, although has some MUCH better features: The system is available at almost every single attraction in both parks, the kiosks allow you to choose between two times you would like to return to the attraction - depending on how your day is planned, and multi-day passholders can hold up to 3 Express passes at any one time.

(of course, I'm skipping any FOTL discussion involving the 2 on-site hotels)

Lots of construction is still going on in both theme parks as new Express queues are added and the kiosks at the last remaining rides are built. Still a lot of work to be done, but it will all be complete by the time you visit us!

Hope this helps
So.....the entry times are the regular opening times and with the multi-day pass you have to pick up express tickets at the rides themselves? Does this work? What do you mean by the rides have times during the day to choose from? The old way was great, not many people rise and are there by 7 a.m. We rode all the rides by the time the park opened to the general public. Standing in line for an hour or two takes all the fun out of going. Thanks for your help! <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
You can think of Universal Express like Fast Pass, but you get to pick your own return time. Plus, Universal Express is offered on nearly all the rides, not just a few like Disney.


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