New DVC....what about??


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Sep 10, 1999
If the new DVC resort is going to be at DI, are the plans for Eagle Pines history? I thought that was the next one? Any new info on this?
Eagle Pines, acording to Tarzanman's Guide, is still due to open in 2004 or 2005.

DI will be the next (after BCV) DVC property available.
Seems like there is a lot on DVD's plate right now. I am just wondering if DVC II is in the works with so many resorts opening up so close together?
When we were down the last week of November we did an add on at VWL. Our guide told us then that ground had already been broken for Eagle Pines. He told us where to look if we took a ride back through there to see where they were building, but we didn't go back to see.

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