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    I have been trying to plan using the Disney World website's calendar and I've noticed a few things I don't understand. Both the Illuminations show and Fantasmic are listed for 9 and 7 (in mid-Feb. 2013) while it also says the respective parks are closing at these same times. Does the closing time mean closed to entry? I've even seen a few things scheduled after the park closing time. How far out are the calendars accurate? Do the overall hours and EMH change often after they are listed?

    Also, is there an "official" place to find ride closures? I have looked at sites like allears and touring plans and have found some contradictory info.

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    The park hours will change several times before you go, just keep an eye on them! and yes illuminations and fantasmic is usually the same times and if the park closes at that time all the rides will not let anyone else on/in line but the shows will go on at the times scheduled, they wont kick you out.;)
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    The "close" time means that the park closes to all new entries and people cannot enter the ride line after the park has "closed" If the park closes at 9pm, you could get in line for Soarin' at 8:59pm and you would be allowed to join the queue. You wouldn't be able to join the queue at 9:01pm. Even if there is a 45 minute wait to get on Soarin', you will be allowed to wait to ride. Shops will usually stay open an hour after the official close time. Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT have fireworks or shows that close out the park.

    Sometimes, the times do change. We've had time changes happen a few days beforehand. Our last trip, the park was due to close at 9pm, two days before they changed it to 11pm and then we had EMH until 2am! Disney changes it if is busier then what they had been expecting. The current times are just general but if you're staying at a Disney Hotel, you can get a times guide each day for all the parks :thumbsup2

    This has a pretty good list of any refurbs that are coming up. Disney has one too but often it isn't undated or as accurate as it should be.

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    For park times, calendar changes, park recommendations, etc., is a good resource.

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