NEED to switch resort, hubby can't walk

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by dopeydiva, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. dopeydiva

    dopeydiva Earning My Ears

    Aug 24, 2007
    Help please, we leave tomorrow. I had neck/spine surgery in Jan, some days the back is out BUT my husband who NEVER had a back issue, has been in bed since Thursday. He can barely walk and insists we still leave with our 7 yr old twin sons tomorrow. I am looking into renting a scooter here at home and bringing it with us. I already called the airline, no problem with transporting it.

    We are at movies because the kiddos are die hard Toy Story fans. I paid extra to upgrade to the ts/cs/snack dining plan even though it would have been included with a moderate resort.

    IF I am able to change, which resort? Fun pool for the kiddos if we end up spending more time at the resort than planned but most important, getting around for buses and such. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am crying :( Don't know what to do.
    Thank you ahead of time for your help.
    Stay well,
  2. Snappy in OK

    Snappy in OK Mouseketeer

    Dec 1, 2009
    For starters, can you call the resort and see if you can get a ground floor room to accomodate the scooter? That might alleviate the issue of having to change resorts. Otherwise, I would call reservations and see what is available. I would think that a ground floor room might help so that you don't have to change resorts, and many of the busses accomdate scooters, etc.

    I have back problems - I suggest he see a doctor before going as well. Or even a chiropractor.

    Good luck!
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  4. tinkbyday

    tinkbyday DIS Veteran

    Apr 3, 2008
    As the PP said, if you get something on the ground floor, the buses are all set up to accommodate the chairs, so you should be okay. You may have to wait a bit longer for a bus with the proper setup to come along though.

    Which parks do you plan on spending the most time in?

    If it's DHS and Epcot, a resort over in that area (BWI, BC/YC, Swan/Dolphin) would help because you can boat or walk over to two of the parks. All of those resorts are beautiful and have lots to do if your family just wants to hang out.

    Good luck and hoping your husband has a speedy recovery!
  5. moepanz

    moepanz DIS Veteran

    Jul 9, 2007
    So sorry for what you are going through. I can't imagine the stress you are under. I would not stress about changing resorts. I would stay put. I have never stayed at music but I know with my kids a pool is a pool is a pool. They are just happy to be in one. I think the buses will be same no matter where you go. If anything I think the All Stars are geared towards kids so it might be the best choice all around. I am sure there will be plenty to do there for them. We have stayed at the POP and Port Orleans my kids are 7 and my twins are 4 and they much preferred the POP to Port Orleans. Take a deep breath and focus on enjoying the time away with your family. Maybe call and try to request a more convenient room to the pool and bus stop due to the situation. Good Luck!
  6. dmccarty

    dmccarty DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2008
    I take it that your DH has not been to the doctors. He needs to GO ASAP.

    That means NOW.

    It sounds like he does not want to have the kids miss the trip to WDW but how will the kids have fun if he cannot walk and you are on a ECV?

    I have been to both MD and Chiropractors for back injuries. I prefer the bone crackers. :thumbsup2 Though I was very skeptical of bone crackers our current Dr actually fixed my back while the MD just doped me up. At least he has fixed it better than I thought possible. :thumbsup2

    Not being able to walk says bad pain. Don't let DH try to tough it out it can just make things worse. At least go to a doc in the box today....

    I cannot imagine going to WDW with a painful back. Even after being somewhat healed two months after a bad car accident I still had pain at WDW on some rides.

  7. lilclerk

    lilclerk DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2006
    I totally agree on trying to visit a chiropractor. I hurt my neck last month and my sister recommended hers to me. He fixed me up in a jiffy. While I was there, he also helped me with some chronic knee pain I've had for years and last month was the first time I haven't had to wear a knee brace in WDW.

    Other than that, don't stress about changing resorts if you don't have to. Just request a ground room floor and maybe upgrade to a preferred room if you're in standard now.
  8. twinboysmom

    twinboysmom DIS Veteran

    May 26, 2010
    Why would you need to change resorts? Disney will accommodate you for medical purposes. I stayed in ASMu and they had elevators, I am pretty sure. Your husband does need to see a doc of some sort. Being labor day your only option may be an ER but they can at least get an xray or something more diagnostic done quickly if warranted. Good luck for your trip. Things will work out. Stay positive! Please let us know how things work out today.
  9. dancin Disney style

    dancin Disney style <font color=blue>I found one to share with some fa

    Apr 18, 2005
    Changing resorts wouldn't really help you that much. The best option is to call the resort and explain your situation and see if they can put you in a room that is very close to the main building/bus stop.

    I think that at ASSp and ASMu the preferred buildings are closer to the main building than at ASMo. I've stayed at them all. So that might be a tiny help to you but either way WDW requires a lot of walking to get anywhere.
  10. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

    Nov 15, 2008
    Just give Disney a call and see what your options are. The biggest problem I see is that you can no longer book free dining promotion so changing resorts without losing that discount might be difficult.

    If that becomes a problem, I suggest talking to guest services as sometimes they can help with that.

    I don't know how much you want to spend, but I might consider some of the deluxe resorts. WL is a great resort. It is beautiful, has a fun pool, and everything is in the same building. You can easily get the buses there down a small ramp from the lobby. And, you can take the boat over to MK.

    Good luck and I really hope that your DH gets well soon.
  11. spiceycat

    spiceycat dvc-blt

    Oct 26, 2000
    POFQ - small resort - moderate - has a really fun pool if your kids are small.

    older ones can go to POR - these are sister resorts so their pool and other activities are shared.

    that say - all the values have elevators - so you would be fine.

    if it is the bus rides and back pain you are concerned with - then all wdw resorts share a bus to somewhere.

    the monrail resorts share a bus to Studios, AK and DD.

    Epcot resorts share a bus to MK, AK and DD.

    AKL/V, OKW, & SSR only have bus transportation.
  12. Microcell

    Microcell <font color=red>No, no,no, those red signs with th

    Mar 17, 2004
    I am the biggest believer of Chirpractors ever! Three, count em, three times just a week or a couple of days before Disney I have injured my lower back (I have the my kids broke me during childbirth thing where my pelvic bone comes out of whack and inflames my muscles there)

    The things that worked for me were:
    1. Ibuprofin NOW or Aleve.. take it with you! Something is inflammed, and though he might have slipped a disc or something, hopefully he didn't and inti inflamitory meds are a must to reduce swelling!
    2. Ice.. 20 min on and 20 min off through the day.. it wil feel good in the heat too!

    Those two things will promote movement, and if you can get him into a chiro today (which you probably can- every one I have ever seen has given me a home number and will open up the office during off hours as needed) if it can be manipulated the more movement for them to work with the better.

    3. Get recommendations from friends, you want a Chiro who doesn't try to get you to come back for 80 million visits. I did only have to go once for two of the three pre trip injuries.. the more he moves the better and if he can get some manipulation done today it could get better as your trip goes on!

    Get the anti inflamitory in him ASAP! Have fun too!

    ** Little bit of hope for your husband.. I have gone from unable to walk two days before to feeling pretty good two or three days into the trip! I am able to bear weight walking out of the Chiro office most times this happens. A slipped disc needs to be tended to more carefully, but outside of that if you just have muscle inflammation you will be surprised how fast he can feel better with a Chiro!

    Tee hee.. I sound so stinkin frail, but on the resort thing... we just about always stay at an All Stars and I think if you ask for first floor at Toy Story when you get there and explain your husbands problem they should accomidate. Usually I am injured and it is hard to walk up the stairs with my particular recurring injury so more than once we have stayed on the first floor there!
  13. Mississippianna

    Mississippianna Still loving Disney World like a 6-year-old

    Nov 17, 2008
    Do you have trip insurance? I think I'd reschedule this trip, if you can. Get that man to a doctor. How is he going to enjoy himself when he can't get out of bed at home? Sickness and pain are always worse at a hotel, on vacation, even if it is Disney World.
  14. jojomoore

    jojomoore DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2009

    Honestly, I don't know what i would do without my chiropractor. My spine does not stay in place and i have adjustments regularly. The chiropractor will take an x-ray of DH's back and do adjustments. Sometimes, if back pain doesn't go away, then a MRI may be necessary, and with some injuries it will be important to take it easy for a couple of months to allow the back to heal. It really all depends on what is going on with his back. Sometimes it really is a simple adjustment but other times it could be more. You need to go to a reputable chiropractor as soon as possible, and then possibly an orthopedic specialist. Ibuprophen (advil, etc..) and ice really really helps. Sometimes an icepack is the only way i can sleep. If you have had surgery yourself you most likely know all of this.

    It may be best to reschedule your trip or post pone it a day or so. I would not change resorts. I would call and beg to get first floor near main building. All resorts rely on bus transportation. It would be ideal to stay at a deluxe resort on the first floor closest to the park you would visit most. Calling CRO would give you quotes on some alternative places. Epcot resorts share buses and can take the longest.They provide bus transportation to DTD, MK, AK, Waterparks, and ferry transportation to HStudios. You would walk to epcot. Animal kingdom provides bus tranportation to everywhere but Animal kingdom buses are nice because there is only two stops AKL and AKV-Kindani. And if you stay at AKL everything is under one roof. Animals are a plus for children. MK resorts have access to bus, ferry, and monorail but tend to be the most expensive. Wilderness lodge seems nice to me but i have never stayed there. WL provides ferry transport to MK and bus transport to everywhere else. Staying at a moderate would not be ideal because i don't believe they have elevators and are spread out. Ground floor at POFQ would be your best bet for moderate.
  15. goofieslonglostsis

    goofieslonglostsis DIS Veteran

    Nov 23, 2007
    Honestly, there is NO need to chance resort because he injured himself. Every resort is accessible, each mode of transport is. Some folks will have favorits when it comes to a mobility disability, but IMHo that's mostly a load of cr*p and personal taste. I use a powerchair or manual wheelchair 24/7. Have stayed at CBR multiple time, that tends not to get very much love when it comes to "where would you advice me to stay with a disability". And you know what? It is a great resort, incl. with a mobility aid. Each resort will have their pros and cons, also when it comes to a disability. But I honestly would not go into panickmode over this. Some folks will prefer POP over the allstars, saying that resort doesn't share a bus and thus more chance of an available wheelchair/ECV spot on the bus. But you know what? That also results in more wheelchair and ECV users picking POP for their resort. :idea:

    Really, if you were comfy with the resort, I'ld stay put. Focus on more important things instead. Like getting him treatment if possible, attacking the pain, trying to assess how much he will still be able to endure and what not, to assess if going forward with the trip is worth it or if postponing is best for your family.

    More important thing; can he operate an ECV? Ever done it before? They can take a bit of learning, but that's done within no time. However it is something else to be able to parrallel park an ECV onto the bus. It is a veeeeeery different ballgame to do the parks with an ECV when not used to that. ECV's do not stop right at the moment of letting go of the throttle. They roll a bit more before stopping. In the parks, people will be dashing in front of him all the time. Not aware of this effect, they think they'll be A-OK in jumping in front, nobody harmed. It can be draining to constantly have to be on the look out for this, having pain and trying to enjoy. I'm not saying "don't go". I am saying; be aware of the downsides and only you two can decide if it's something he can easily manage or not. Navigating an airport can also be a challenge if he is not used to using an ECV and than being faced with big crowds.

    Either way; hopefully this will soon be a distant painfull memory for DH. :thumbsup2
  16. dopeydiva

    dopeydiva Earning My Ears

    Aug 24, 2007
    My goodness, this is such a wonderful support system. I was able to secure a ground floor room at all star movies, that is the biggie right now if we still go. He is insisting on NOT seeing a dr. I'm sure it's because he is afraid the doc will say don't go. We get the kiddos on the bus in the morning, then I'm taking him to the dr anyway. I need to be safe not sorry. I cannot satisfactorily express my sincere gratitude for your tips and well wishes. We will see what tomorrow brings. Again, much appreciation and I will keep you posted.
    Stay well,
  17. twinboysmom

    twinboysmom DIS Veteran

    May 26, 2010
    Just checking back in. Men can be so stubborn I tell you. Hope he feels better tomorrow!
  18. leebee

    leebee DIS Veteran

    Sep 14, 1999
    I have a muscle spasm issue in my lower back that kicks up at the most inconvenient times! The stupidest things will activate it. Case in point: One day at 4am, two days before leaving for Disney, I was in the kitchen getting a drink. THe act of putting a half-full half-gallon of milk into the fridge caused a back spasm that had me on the floor, writhing in pain. I had to crawl back to bed! I took my muscle relaxants and went to WDW anyhow, although I had to get skycaps to take my luggage out of the car, use a wheelchair in the airport, etc. (DD was 6 and she and I were meeting my DSis, her DH and DD, her inlaws and her bil/sil and their two kids... DD and I weren't missing this vacation for anything!)

    Once at Disney, I was amazed how easily my back spasms eased up. Yes, I took my meds and was careful, oh so careful, but I think the walking and exercise actually helped resolve the spasms. Usually I stay off my feet when this happens, but was so surprised that the walking seemed to improve my condition. SO... make DH go to the doctor, but don't give up thinking about touring at WDW; it might jsut work out!
  19. Rdonnel1

    Rdonnel1 Earning My Ears

    Dec 22, 2008
    I experienced Disney with a herniated disc in August and I'm only 21 years old. During the week, there were times when the pain was so bad I could barely walk. Probably the worst pain I have ever felt.

    If you decide to go I recommend a lot of advil or some type of medication like PPs have said. I almost finished a whole bottle of advil in the week we were there :scared1:. Also take breaks at the resort. I spent a lot of time just relaxing at CBR's pool (lots of walking at this resort so dont recommend it). In the parks if the pain got really bad I would just tell my parents we need to take a little break and sat down for awhile.

    I still had an amazing trip and was able to ride everything I wanted even though my pain was very severe. I dont think it is possible to have a bad trip at Disney :). Anyway I wish you guys the best of luck and hope your husband feels better asap!
  20. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    I think she's saying she's looking into renting a scooter for *him*...

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