Need some advice about choosing our next resort!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by CowboyCO, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Oct 12, 2005
    DW and 2 DS's went to Disney World in 2004 and stayed off-site. Went back in Jan 2006 and stayed at POR and LOVED IT! Boys are 7 and 5
    We are planning to go back in January 2007, but here is my dilemna. We know we will be staying in a MOD due to budget and wife wants to try something new, so wants to try CSR or CBR. We all thought POR (AB) was PERFECT. Great rooms, great pool, comfortable beds. It was our best vacation ever! I think we ought to go right back to POR because how do you get better than perfect?

    For those that have gone to DW multiple times, is there a big difference netween CSR, CBR and POR? Is it too risky to try someplace new when we had such a good stay at POR?
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    Sep 7, 2005
    CSR is pretty, but is also pretty spread out. If you are in an outer lying building it's a nice hike to start your morning... POFQ could be fun for the kids (pool is fun)... You won't do too badly at any moderate, or any Disney Hotel for that matter. Personally, I'd get the kids involved. There are plenty of photos available online and I'd let them help make the descision!
  3. ms.ojo

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    Jan 17, 2005
    There are so many choices!!! I don't know how anyone decides....

    My kids (3.5 and 6.5) still think ASMo is the best hotel as they LOVE Fantasia Mickey. We have stayed in the Toy Story Bldgs, Fantasia Bldg and Dalmations. have to say it really does feel like you're at Disney 24/7 here and we have all enjoyed the resort. And saving some $$ to spend on other things Disney never hurts!!! Of course it doesn't have a water slide.

    That being said....we have also done The Dolphin, Wilderness Lodge and POFQ!

    I loved the convenience of the Dolphin to Epcot & MGM. The boats were great!!! And bus svc to the other parks was fine too. Not to mention you had SO many food choices in the hotels around the loop there and of course..EPCOT. Would stay at this resort again.

    Wilderness Lodge...beautiful...but eating here gets tiring VERY quickly! The food court is SO small...and I couldn't stand the noise in Whispering Canyon. The pool was nice, but small for the resort. Convenience to MK was a plus. Probably wouldn't stay here again though the theme was beautiful.

    POFQ loved it! We were there this past Dec. So pretty w/ all the decorations. A compact resort so no room is a far walk. Nice boat to DTD (I seem to have a thing w/ boats) and you can walk over to POR too. The foodcourt offers a lot of variety. There is no formal restaurant, but you can use the one at POR easily. We prefer to eat in the parks for really nice meals...or just do a food court so POFQ was very much to our liking. I can see why you loved POR. It is a beautiful resort too!!! hard to not return to one of these two!!!!

    Now I've been reading some great threads on CSR. I think my ds would LOVE the pyramid they have in the pool and the water slide w/ the jaguar. How cool is that. Only problem is the foodcourt does add a 10% surcharge for "eating in" which I think is absurd for someone just delivering your drinks.

    So...probably the best think is to look at pictures on websites and involve the family as someone else suggested. The problem becomes when the family wants to go someplace else...and you're still hoping for POR. (As in my family really wants ASMo next April and I SO want POFQ) But then I think, how many more yrs will we fit in ASMo...and will the kids be content w/out a water slide...and I say OK, we'll do it next April....but the following trip...MODERATE here we come again!
  4. boxer

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    Dec 30, 2005
    what you're saying is EXACTLY how we felt for our trip that past Dec.........problem is, I waited around 'thinking' if I would try some place new, and ended up missing out on the POR when we decided to again stay there........

    This turned into a complete nightmare, as we then decided on CBR which turned out to be disasterous. Luckily for us, we got switched to CSR after one terrible night at CBR, and found our 'second' favorite moderate resort.
  5. LindaR

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    Oct 2, 2002
    The moderates are the same (size, beds, etc) except for the "theme" of each resort. If you love POR, then stick with POR! We stayed there a few times (our first choice) when we started going to WDW. Then, because I always rent a car.....we would drive to other resorts (usually have lunch or dinner) and check out the resort for the possibility of a future stay. Sometimes pictures don't actually give you the "feel" of a place enough to decide whether you should stay there. We've stayed at POFQ several times, too. Once at CBR. We don't like CSR because, living in New Mexico, the decor of the resort is too much like home and we like to try something different. We've also stayed deluxe, but it sounds like you are more interested in the moderates (our favorites!).

    Take a poll of your family and see whether everyone wants to try something new or stick with POR! You can't go wrong cause it's Disney!

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