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    Jul 16, 2005
    A little back story...

    I haven't been to the WISH boards in a very long time! I used to be here all the time getting support and supporting others in the being healthy/losing weight battles. Lost quite a bit on the South Beach diet (over 50 lbs). :banana:

    Had a major weight gain after my son was killed in an auto accident 3 1/2 years ago (wow that long ago :sad1:) Most days I can get through thinking the good thoughts, but there are moments.

    My youngest son who started high school just weeks after the accident is graduating in May. He is an amazing boy, lived with the HE-- that was his parents' grieving and his own grief, as well as navigating high school/teen angst. At the beginning of Aug I realized that there would be lots of people pictures to commemorate his graduation, and YIKES I would be in many of them. I had to lose some weight!!!

    Wrapped my mind around a new lifestyle, not a diet. Boy that was new to me, I could always talk the talk, but to actually walk the walk :scared1:
    So now I'm living a new lifestyle which consists of more lean protein, vegetables, less carbs, and more fibrous carbs. And more exercise than I can keep track of.

    For the most part it is going really well; I've lost almost 60 pounds since Aug 7 and want to lose another 8 by DS graduation, and another 10-15 by Aug.

    Getting closer to where to where the help is needed: DS has done well in school and his activities that he has been accepted to many colleges. He has eliminated a few but he still has to make a decision. He has his heart set on Flagler in St Augustine (which has a lot of positives, and one big negative - they don't seem to offer much in the higher/advanced classes that DS may want once he gets to jr or sr year) But there is another college in FL that has a lot of the same characteristics as Flagler, but is an honors college, so it has more advanced courses. So he has said before he makes up his mind he needs to see the college in Sarasota. { I know, I know, rough for me to have to take a trip to FL in the Spring - Poor me! :woohoo:}
    (He has 2 other colleges he's considering -think $$- in other parts of the country, but he visited them last summer)

    To get the best itinerary (and price) to visit the college we need to fly out of Anchorage mid week and return on Sunday night. That means there are 2 "days" that the college isn't open for touring or observing classes. So I "talked DS into a 4 park challenge on Saturday.:cool1:
    The plan so far is:
    DHS at rope drop and do ToT, RNR, StarTours, and maybe TSM, and of course a pic or 2 to document the day
    the boat to EPCOT and snack (lunch) around the world showcase. Then check on Soarin' do it if line is manageable, then do Spaceship earth
    Bus to Animal Kingdom to EE single rider line 'til I'm sick!!!! then one of the shows (Birds, FOTLK, or Bugs) And if it's super hot (which for Alaskans is above 75) Kali
    Then Bus to MK Dinner/snacks do the mountains, HM, Buzz, and hopefully see Elec parade And MK closes at 11PM
    Bus back to OKW

    OK here is where I need the low-carber's help:
    What are some good places or items that can be lunchy snacks in world showcase and some dinnerish snacks and/or places at MK??
    I can eat some carbs, but it needs to be with lean protein and preferably lots of fiber.

    Oh and after all I'm doing for this child: DS said he wouldn't get a scholbread or a dolewhip "I don't like them!"
    I just want a bite (they are my 2 favs!), I can't eat the whole thing; why oh why can't he take one for the team?
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    Mar 5, 2007
    I don't really know much about low carbs, but I wanted to do this: :hug::hug::hug::hug:

    I remember you posting about your son. :hug:

    It's lovely that you have taken control of your health. I lost weight-control after my mom died suddenly at 55 (medical error/missed-diagnosis) and I finally have gotten it back to where I was long ago, and that is a better feeling.

    And how cool is your younger son, to think of going to school in Florida, just for you? :)

    So he won't eat the School Bread...maybe a few bites are worth the $3+ even if you have to toss the rest? Pretend like your bites ARE the portion. :)

    Have you looked at the QS and snack places on and Might help. Sunshine Seasons might have good stuff, too, if you just can't find anything at World Showcase.

    I hope you have a lovely visit, and I wish your boy and family all the best in the world! :hug::hug:
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    Jul 16, 2005
    thanks bumbershoot for reminding me to check allears. I didn't think to do that since we weren't doing any TS.

    After checking the menus I see that there are lots of things available; it's just that they are normally put as a combo platter type thing. I just need to prepare myself for asking them to leave off the carby sides or THROW THEM AWAY. I hate throwing food away, but if DS won't eat it I need to so I don't totally blow it.

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