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    We spoke with a DVC sales person in the park when we were there in October, so we got the general gist of the program, but I'm looking for a little more info. Like, are there payment options for it, or does it have to be paid in full initially? Are there budget "packages" or is it one rate to join?

    Actually, any info, suggestions, advice from anyone who has a membership would be great. This is something we're considering, depending on the bottom line price and options.

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    You have 2 options for purchasing: direct and resale.

    Direct is more expensive, but quicker closing and you can use your points for Disney cruises and Adventures by Disney. The cruises and ABD are generally considered to be poor uses of points however.

    Resale is done by outside vendors.

    You can get loans via DVC and via some vendors. There is no "budget" package. You purchase a certain number of points at a specific resort. You can book accommodations at your resort 11 months or less prior to checkin. You can use your points to book accommodations at other resorts 7 months or less prior to checkin. Availability at popular times will go quickly. If you want to stay at your favourite resort at Christmas/Easter etc, buy at that resort. If you are more flexible as to room type/time of year/resort, then you can look at resorts with cheaper points. Each resort has different maintenance fees. These are paid yearly and are charged per point. Each resort is right to use and your usage expires at a certain year in the future. Make sure you know when that is.

    There are a lot of posts in this forum that will help you. Good luck!
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    Disney will finance but the rate is pretty high, around 11 to 15%. Realize this is a timeshare with Disney's name on it. It is a way to get a discounted room for vacations. If you do not think you want it for the long haul think very hard before purchasing because you will probably lose money reselling it. The biggest cost over the life of it will be the maintenance fees which will increase about 3% per year. If you do not love Disney, even when your kids grow up, you may not want to get it.
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    DO NOT think in terms of "membership." it's a long-term commitment to an interest in real estate (like a lease) think "ownership." there are upfront costs and continuing costs. regardless of what perks might currently be offered, the only thing you are guaranteed is the option to trade points for accommodations at DVC resorts (and if you wait to long, you might not even have that option if the resorts are booked up.)

    you can start with a small resale contract for less than $4,000. maintenance fees on a 50 pt contract currently run a little more than $20 per month. whether you can do much with that is a bigger question...

    take some time to read through different threads that look interesting, read the DVC resource thread and work through the point charts (linked in the top right-hand corner of the screen) to see whether DVC might be a good option for you.

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