Need help


Feb 16, 2002
Hello, I am new in here and need any help,
my family own at Boardwalk villas summer time and as we are not visiting disney this summer we want to rent our points. I understand the rate now is $10/point, but once we place the add and get responds on it, what do we have to do next? will reservation be on our name, and how are we going to get the money or what if they cancel?
do we send their money back!
should we wait for the money before we make the reservation?
will we have to be talking back and forth before it is all done?
Can disney be the middle man?
Any answer will help, thank you much.
Can disney be the middle man?

Disney does not get involved at all. This is a purely personal transaction....just like if you were selling your car. The links Bob gave you will give you an idea of how others have handled this.

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