Need help with when to plan our trip


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Sep 2, 2000
DH and I hoped to go to WDW this coming October or early December. We've been talking about going at the same time as a family from our church, because together we have 4 kids and they get along well together. We thought we could go our own ways part of the time and meet up when we chose, etc.

Anyway, our family has been in October, early December, and spring break, in the past. October and early December spoiled me! I love the cooler temperatures and short lines. The problem is that the other family couldn't go unless it was spring break or end of May - early June (waiting until after school is out and coming home in time for DS and DH to head for Scout camp.

I know that the crowds are up during spring break. I also have heard that humidity is high in early June. I tend to melt in high humidity. What personal info can you share with me? What experiences have you had in early summer and how do they compare to off-season trips? We need to make a decision whether or not we just forget about the joint vacation and go our own way. We may need to just choose another year for our joint trip.
Years ago we went in November and it was gorgeous - very low humidity..

This past year we went in early September and it was AWFUL - the heat and humidity were almost unbearable.. I would imagine that May and June would pretty much be the same..

If I were you I would stick with the Oct. or Dec. plans.. Vacation isn't much fun if you're wilting from the heat and humidity..
Well we went in August. A friend of ours was going down for a conference and we went with here because we had annual passes. I would avoid going in the early summer. We about died and we live in Alabama where the humidity is also high in the summer.

We usually go in early May and the humidity can get high then also, but it is still nice. The lines are not to bad to get on the rides either. I would stick with October or early December. If you don't like the humidity you will be miserable in June standing in the long lines.


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