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Feb 18, 2001
Hi, I have had a hard time planning how much to budget for souveniers. Please help! My DH says he only wants a Tshirt. I would like a pajama, earings, and a Christmas ornament. The kids each will get mickey ears (DS6 DD2), and some other treats. Perhaps a doll for DD, and something for a "hero" for DS. Could anyone tell me about how much these items might cost total? And how much should I budget for the "extra's" that we might find. i.e. pictures, balloons, etc. Thanks, Vija
I knew I wanted 4 or 5 Disney shirts{since we can't get them at home any more] and a few trading pins. Beyond that I had hoped for some great Bargins!!

At BELZ I found Disney Park shirts, dated 2000[which was ok by me,that was a Milestone Date!!]for $4.99 and I bought one in every color in my size! Then I moved to character shirts. The only one of my favorites that they had was Minnie at $9.99 ,but Dh fould his favorite Donald in a great pose$11.99! and a pair of Mickey sweats$11.99, then by chance we both picked a pocket shirt with a small Mickey Dh's is Black And Mine is Grayeach $9.99!! DD found a Tee top $5.00 she wanted and the cutest Mickey earrings that were only $1.99 and a .99 autograph book!! And We thought we had hit the Jackpot!!

But then we found the Buena Vista Factory Stores on S R 535 not more than 3 miles from WDW. AT the Big Character Corner[yes there are big store and one little one] we found Disney Hats for $2.99 the very ones DD had been looking at for $22.00!! I found a Small leather tooled purse for .99[it looked like the ones in AK]and a AK tin with the gang on it for .99[it is excellant for keeping hair accessories in]And I got another $4.99 shirt, MK fireworks shirt w Mickey, Goofy,Pluto,and Donald on it!!DH found Donald in his Toontown Boat[metal die cast,we saw these all over the WDW Parks for .99 and trading PINS only $1.99 I bought 12 of these!!!!
We missed getting any Sweatshirts!! THEY were at Belz and I ran out of time!!

After saving a ton on the stuff we Thought would be Expensive we're able to afford a few small things like,TOT pins $1.50,RnR Music shaped pens and pencils,an AK water Strap,AT MExico DD bought her spanish class a $3.00 Mexican Flag and a $1.50 bag of Lemon salt that is to be eaten like a snack. DD's must have was the Plant Hollywood NSYNC Hands Autographed shirt. Mine was the Large water Resistent Purse/bag that hangs on your shoulder,mine has a large Sorcer Mickey on it $22.00 and Dh had to have the Big Spiderman Mug!!

I hope this helps you!!! :eek: :rolleyes: :cool: ;)


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Check out a local disney store before hand. (NOW) I just bought stuffed animals (Pooh and Thumper)and 102 dalmation t-shirts for 75% the original tag. If I can keep DW from giving them to the kids early I'll save a bundle.
I always spend more than i expect, my last trip i bought 2 sweat shirts and a mickey and minnie christmas bean bag toy things to put in my christmas stuff, my advice buy what you really really want ,
Disney t-shirts- adults $18.99-25.99, kids $14.-$22. We always buy one for the whole family before MK and have our main street picture done in them. The picture-$13. The plush toys run about $16.95-18.95 for the medium size ones. The ears you want are $6, and you can get their names engraved for free in a shop at MK. Those neat ballons are around $5. Get your christmas ball at DD in the christmas store. Big selection and they always have a sale area. I get some sort of decoration every time I go.

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I've been giving Disney dollars for Valentines day, report card, tooth fairy, Easter, birthdays, fathers day. Both my son and husband will have over $100 so I thought I should save $100 for myself also.


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