Need advice on CRT only 6 days left...

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    Mar 23, 2005
    I will try to make this brief.

    I have a Grand Gathering going to Disney in Sept. My daughter (our miracle baby after a long, difficult, hard fought pregnancy, she is also our last child - so the baby in many ways) will be turning 2 on our first full day in the Magic Kingdom. Joining my husband, our 2 boys and daughter will be my sisters, mother and niece and nephew. Since we moved to GA (the rest is in New England), they have only seen her once since she was born. I was going to try and make CRT ressies for 11 but here are some issues I am wrestling with.

    At issue:

    1.The advice of the dining plans guru's is to not use your DDP credits to pay for CRT. If we did use them, this would take away from another nights dinner.

    2. We have 2 of the children on our GG have lower function autism and do not eat much of anything (we are lucky if we can get them to eat 1/2 a piece of toast). I called and asked if we had to pay for the children if they were not going to eat and were told that we do, due to the photo package and gift each child receives. My sister (mother to niece and nephew) does not have alot of $$ and would not want to ask her to pay $50.00 for a meal her children will not eat.

    3.Family has missed birthdays, events etc. for my kids for the last 4 years and I want very much to make daughter's birthday a memorable one. Especially considering that this is very much a once in a lifetime trip for us.

    4. I cannot come up with a dining experience that would be great for the kids and come somewhat reasonably close to CRT (okay I will settle for on the same map - cause I know your not gonna get close).

    5. I know that my daughter will not remember this event, however I will and I had this image in my head of her wearing her Cinderella dress and a picture of her in the castle!

    6. I really wanted to order her a birthday cake but the idea of having cake at 9 am in the morning didn't seem so hot.

    I just want the day to be so special and I know (if you haven't picked up on it yet) I am a little OCD about this stuff.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Ideas? Help? :confused::confused:

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Sandy321

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    Oct 22, 2007
    do the castle, do CRT - dont stress, use your DDP credits - (are you going during free dining?)

    do let DD wear her dress - do tell the podium its dd birthday - and she'll get a birthday cupcake, the table will have "pixie dust" on it - and she'll likely get a birthday card too -

    What resort are you staying at? I would get a cake either at the resort (or if you have a car and are staying offsite, go to publix and get a cake there) Disney has really upped the price of cakes, and they are not worth it - you can get birthday cupcakes - like you said at breakfast my dd didnt eat the cake, but the pics are priceless!!
  3. zarvgirl

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    Jan 24, 2009
    Always tough to try and get everything just right.

    Perhaps, you could do CRT with your family, wear the dress, get the magical pics. It sounds like it's maybe not the best scenario for the whole family.

    Then have a bigger family party that evening or lunchtime in your room, with a cake, balloons, streamers, decorations that you could bring with you from home. Maybe let the other children surprise your DD while you are at breakfast and have the room done for when you get back.

    just a thought.
  4. Colleen27

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    Mar 31, 2007
    Have you thought about maybe doing CRT just with your DH & kids, and then planning the big celebration for Chef Mickey's? It isn't princesses, but Mickey & friends are just as magical and it might work out better from a planning perspective. A buffet might make it easier to find something that the autistic members of your group are able to enjoy, it only costs one DDP credit, and if you want you could make the reservation for dinner so that a cake "fits" better.

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