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Feb 15, 2000
March 27th, Monday

Katholyn: (newly qualified for AARP) Fell in love with Disneyland when it was brand new-decided I loved WDW even more on a short trip in 1982,; felt cheated with a 3 day trip in 1991. Will use any excuse to go back again.
Willgus: My husband who is severely Disney impaired; thought WDW was nice but not interested in ever going back and who I love anyway.
Kim: My sister's 24 year old daughter who is going through a divorce-never been to WDW and can't wait.
Dustin: Kim's 6 year old son and my surrogate grandson-never been to WDW

Today we check out of the Delta Resort and check into Best Western Lake Buena Vista. At check out, we learn that my phone call to the Grand Floridian to confirm the pirate's cruise was considered a toll call and cost $4.50! Oh, well. We checked out with no trouble and head over to the Grand Floridian.

While Wilgus parked the rental car, Kim, Dustin and I look for the marina. We got a little turned around and it started raining on us while we walked, but we finally got there. A very nice young man, with an hispanic accent offered us towels, but couldn't find any and brought us 3 yellow Mickey ponchos instead. He told us they were compliments of Rick and then said he guessed he should say compliments of Disney. Our first Disney magic! We gratefully accepted the ponchos and after a while it stopped raining. For a while it looked as though they were going to cancel the cruise but the kids weren't disappointed after all and they took off only a few minutes later than they were supposed to, after giving all the kids bandanas and life jackets and making mom sign waivers. The cost was $20.

By the time the cruise left the marina, Wilgus had found us and we went back to the lobby to look around and spend the next hour and a half. While Wilgus found the pay phones (he's got to pay for this trip somehow LOL) Kim and I went into the café there. We had toast and coffee and when Wilgus joined us, he had breakfast. The prices there are a little steep! Our waitress, Cheryl, told us she had once worked as a CM on the pirate cruise and told us all of the fun the kids were having. After our meal, it was time to go back to the marina and get Dustin. He came off the boat with a little sack of "treasure" which included an eye patch and plastic rings and doubloons. He really enjoyed that morning but he was disappointed that they hadn't been allowed to dig for treasure.

We went to the Best Western about 1:00 to check in and the room wasn't ready but our refrigerator was already there waiting for us. We rented the fridge from Scoobey at Atlantis Town Cars and were very satisfied with the service. The cost was $5 per day and Atlantis delivered the fridge to the hotel and picked it up the day we checked out. Absolutely no trouble and very handy. The fridge itself looked brand new.

We made a quick trip to Downtown Disney to get Dustin a guest of honor badge, an autograph book and fat pen (more tips from the DIS).

Once this was accomplished, Kim, Dustin and I left Wilgus to wait around for the room and we hopped on a bus for Epcot. We still had half a day and we didn't want to waste it but I didn't want to go to MK on a Monday so we decided on Epcot. The crowds were fairly heavy, so we passed through to the World Showcase, where we got Dustin a passport and started getting it stamped. There were a lot of people there that day. We just strolled leisurely around and discovered the "Beatles" and Capt. Hook in the UK. Dustin was reluctant about asking for autographs, but Aunt Katholyn persevered and he finally posed for a photo with Capt. Hook. Just as the picture was being snapped, I told Capt. Hook that Dustin had stolen a pirate's treasure that day. You should have seen Dustin's face! It was priceless. Capt. Hook tried to look disapprovingly at Dustin-it was cute. Later Dustin saw Tigger, the Sheriff, Gepetto, Prince John and some other characters and got photos and autographs from them.

About 4:30 we realized we were hungry. Kim wanted to try food from another country so we decided to eat at the Biergarten-she and I also wanted to try the German beer. We enjoyed the Biergarten a lot. We had no wait for a table and the buffet was good. I was a little concerned about Dustin, I wasn't sure if he would be able to find something to eat there. No problem, he ate more sausages than I ever dreamed he could. The show was a little hokey, but hey it was fun. It was a nice break for our tired feet too.

After we finished eating, we got some more stamps for Dustin's passport and I noticed that there were people sitting along the curbs. Then I remembered Tapestry of Nations. Unfortunately, for those patient people who claimed their viewing spots early, the wind was quite gusty and when parade time arrived they announced that TON was canceled. I was glad I hadn't spent an hour and a half waiting on the curb!

When we came to Mexico, we rode El Rio del Tiempo. Dustin loved it-I thought it was boring-but, once again, a respite for our tired feet. I didn't want to get stuck in the crowd after Illuminations so we started toward the front of the park. There was no line for Honey I Shrunk the Audience so we walked right in and enjoyed the show. I would not have been happy if I had waited more than 10 minutes for this. It was cute but not worth a long wait. Then we found the monorail and went back to the hotel. We were all pretty tired by this time (about 8PM).

We got to watch the MK fireworks from the monorail on our way back to the TTC and our bus.

When we got to the hotel, only 2 of the 4 elevators were working and there was such a large crowd of people waiting, we decided to walk up one flight of stairs and catch a "down" elevator to the lobby and then ride up to the 9th floor. It worked and we were finally in our room.

This room was much larger than the Delta Resort. There were 2 queen beds, a sofa, a Television armoire, lots of drawer space, a table and chairs and a balcony with a table and chairs. We had a parking lot view, but all the disney views were taken by the time I made our reservation. The bathroom was good size and although there was only one sink, there was a vanity area with mirror and chair right outside the bathroom. The closet was good sized and the closet doors were mirrored.

We unpacked, took Dustin down to the pool for about 30 minutes and were in bed by 11:00.

Next: Magic Kingdom!
Glad you got settled in to your new hotel.
That pirate cruise sounds fun.
I would love to try it out, but I'm guessing my 31 years exceeds the age restrictions:rolleyes:
It's good that Dustin enjoyed it!
Thanks for posting another great day!
$4.50 for a phone call. Amazing!

The pirate cruise sounds like fun. I wasn't able to book it for Sophie - but she did the Wonderland tea which she loved.

Sounds like Dustin is having a blast.


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