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Feb 15, 2000
March 24th, Friday

Katholyn: Newly qualified for AARP. Fell in love with Disneyland when it was brand new-decided loved WDW even more on a short trip in 1982; felt cheated with a 3 day trip in 1991. Will use any excuse to go back again.
Wilgus: My husband who is severely Disney impaired; thought WDW was nice but not interested in ever going back and who I love anyway.
Kim: My sister's 24 year old daughter who is going through a divorce-never been to WDW and can't wait.
Dustin: Kim's 6 year old son and my surrogate grandson-never been to WDW

March 24th finally arrived and our flight is scheduled to leave Detroit at 7:20 am. Since it is a 90 mile drive from our house to the airport we figured we should leave about 4am. At midnight, my husband was still at the office! <b>He wasn't packed and he was still at the office!</b> Who can sleep under those circumstances? Not me. He did finally make it home at about 3:45 am and somehow managed to get packed (I had packed his underwear and toiletries already). I was completely stressed by the time we got on the Interstate and drove toward Detroit at 4:30 am and a little sleep deprived too.

Since we had e-tickets, we had to stand in line at the Continental counter to get our boarding passes. It was long line, full of people who were panicked because they thought they were going to miss their flights. It took 45 minutes but we managed to get to our gate and board the flight. We had an uneventful flight to Miami. I had been told that we were going to be on a commuter flight to Orlando, but I was totally unprepared for our plane. This was a 21 passenger flight when it is full and to get to your seat you had to walk bent over! I don't mean we had to duck our heads, we had to <b>BEND AT THE WAIST</b>. This was a fun flight, I was just glad we got to Orlando alive.

Kim and Dustin arrived about 20 minutes later than they were supposed to and while I waited for them at the gate my husband (I thought) was getting the rental car. He was actually on the pay phone speaking to clients. ARGGHH! In his defense I must say that he had taken a week away from the office just so I could have 10 days in Orlando and he had to work while we were there.

We managed to get our luggage and this was the only time during our trip that I saw a lime green ribbon. It was attached to a suitcase and I never found the person it belonged to, although I tried. I even asked loudly, <b>"Anyone here from the DIS?"</b> No one responded though.

We had reserved a rental car from Dollar and we got the expected hard sell to upgrade to a more expensive car and the push to take the insurance. The young man at the counter kept trying to sell us the insurance until I told my husband, "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that they're very pushy about selling insurance at Dollar." This made the young man unhappy but at least he shut up about the insurance.

We found the Delta Resort with very little trouble and the outside was gorgeous! I had read several negative posts about this resort so I was a little nervous about staying there. I had no trouble checking in, didn't even have to fill out a registration form, because our room had been prepaid. The lobby area was nice and the grounds were nice but what would the room be like?
When we got to our room (which was in the main building-this was huge resort) we were pleasantly surprised. The room was not large but had 2 queen sized beds, a table and chairs and a balcony. It was clean and didn't smell bad. There was a huge pool, three hot tubs, several kiddie pools and a sauna. There was also a miniature golf course on site. For $60 a night this was not a bad place. There was even a complimentary shuttle to Universal.

We made a run to Wal-mart to stock up on bottled water, Mt. Dew , Dr. Pepper and assorted prepackaged snacks. We ate dinner that night at Wild Jack's, which claimed to have Texas style barbecue. It wasn't Texas style but we were hungry and it tasted pretty good.

Before we went to sleep, I packed Dustin's fanny pack with snacks but forgot to pack my foot care kit that I had so carefully prepared. I would be sorry for that.

We were all asleep by 11:00. Wilgus and I were exhausted as we hadn't slept for over 36 hours and had no trouble getting to sleep.

Next: Universal Studios
in that room.......with my luck it would of been a critter......:rolleyes:
You're off to a good start!
Glad the room is working out for you!
Thanks for posting!
So far so good! Now I on to chapter 3. Can't wait to read what your nephew thinks of WDW!


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