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    Jul 20, 2003
    Hi there,
    We are planning a wedding reception fro December 2004 at Narcoossee's and have a few question hopefully someone could answer. There will be ten of us in our group (8 adults and 2 children aged 10 and 12).

    Are there set seating times, ie. 5pm and 8pm? (We would ideally like to arrive about 5-5:30 and stay until closing time. With the ceremony finishing around 4pm we dont want to have to wait around until 8pm for the reception. On the other hand we dont want to have to eat at 5pm and then leave early and have nothing else to do for the rest of the evening).

    What time does Narcoossee's close?

    Can we request a certain table? (We would like to sit near the window looking out onto the lagoon/MK).

    Is there a childrens menu?

    One adult in our party is a very fussy eater. Will we be able to request a plain meal eg. steak and fries or maybe choose off of the childrens menu?

    Would we be allowed to bring the wedding cake into Narcoossee's for dessert?

    Can we set our own menu for our guests?

    Is there a private area within the restaurant that can seat 10 people?

    Is there a minimum we have to spend when booking a reception?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    ::MickeyMo Bruce & Tammy::MinnieMo
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    Jan 30, 2001
    Narcoossee's is one of my favorite restaurants, so I'll try to answer what I can. I suggest you call your wedding cordinator to ask about some of the more specific details I can't answer.

    No, Narcoossee's opens at 5:30 and seats people through out the evening, so someone can have a 6:30 ressie, 7:30, etc.

    I believe 10PM.

    You can place a request for a certain view, since it's your wedding reception, it probably would be granted. If you booked the first ressies at 5:30, it wouldn't be a problem.

    Yes, my children have ordered off it.

    I have never seen a steak with the exception of Filet Mignon on the menu at Narcoossee's. They do offer fries with some of the children's selections, so I don't think that would be a problem getting that as a side. I've often asked for sauces to be omited due to having mushrooms (I'm allergic), and I've never had a problem being accomdated.

    I don't know that one, maybe a question for your wedding coordinator. I believe that all restaurants at WDW don't allow desserts to be brought in from outside sources (meaning they have to be made by WDW chefs). If you desire a wedding cake, you'd probably have to order one from the GF bakery.

    I'd doubt it, since the size of your party isn't that large, but it can't hurt to ask.

    I don't think so, you'd be seated in the main restaurant with all the other patrons.

    You'd really wouldn't be booking a reception, but more of a dinner reservation, in which you'd have your reception. So, they would treat it as any other table for the night, with you ordering off the menu and paying the bill at the end. With 10 people, there probably would be an automatic gratituity of 18% added to the bill.

    If you're truly looking for an intimiate reception, I don't think Narcoossee's is the place. I'd suggest Citrico's at the GF instead. It's a much more formal location, and IMO would be better for that. Also, you could try to contact Private Dining at the GF and set up some other event at the GF, one that wouldn't be in a restaurant. Maybe somewhere on the grounds, or you could look into renting the Grand I for your receiption. By contacting and making arrangements through Private Dining or renting the Grand I, you could set your own times, menu and it would be totally just your guests.
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    Jan 28, 2001
    I'd like to help out, but my only experiences at Narcoosee's have been as a "regular" patron.
    Assuming you are getting married at WDW, the wedding co-ordinator should be able to answer all the questions. IF this is a "non-Disney" wedding, then perhaps you can call Narcoosee's directly and they would certainly be able to help you out.
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    May 24, 2003
    I like the idea of getting the boat with a catered dinner. Sounds romantic and intimate and special.

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