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Feb 5, 2001
Hi! I'm thinking of redeeming my points from "mypoints" for gift certificates for our Florida trip. I'm wondering how to go about it. I was looking at Olive Garden/Red Lobster and it said for American restaurants, click here.....and for Canadian restaurants, click here... The Canadian certificates require fewer points. My question is, can I get these Canadian certificates and still use them in Florida? Or, do I have to get the American certificates? Would they even send them to my Canadian address? Hmmm, I guess that's more than one question. I'm confused.....
I would think that you would need to order the American gc's but I'm not sure....we always redeem for cdn. ones and then put the money we would have used into our vacation fund. For example if we get a home depot one...when we use it at home depot we then put the equivalent of the gc into our vacation fund.

Someone on the rewards board might be able to answer if you post it there...or perhaps email member care at mypoints.


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I have redeemed points at Mypoints for Rainforest Cafe which I use down in WDW. These are the American ones. I would think that you cannot use the Canadian ones down there. I haven't gotten a Canadian restaurant GC but I'm sure it wouldn't work.
Mypoints will send American gift certificates to Canadian addresses. I have redeemed at Mypoints for Red Lobster which we plan to use when we are at WDW next month. These US certificates are small plastic cards that look like a credit card.
Apparently they are suppose to work something like a debit card, so any remaining unused amount stays on the card. There is also a phone # that you can call to check the amount remaining on the card. Last month when we ordered it only took about 2 weeks to arrive in Canada. I have never ordered Canadian certificates as we don't have a Red Lobster in our city. Perhaps someone else knows if the Cnd certificates state for Canada only on them.

The Canadian certificates do state that they are good in Canada only. The last ones I got were the paper certificates.
Thanks a lot for the input! I think I'll definitely order the US certificates then. If only Milesource would allow me to get American certificates too! Thanks again.... you know anyone who lives in the US? If you do you can order US gift certificates from Milesource and have them sent to the address in the US and have those people forward them to you.


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