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    Jan 25, 2017
    I just NEED to talk about it. lol

    Long time Florida park visitor. Back in the late 90's, early 2000's it was all about Disney. My big kids were little and that was the place to be. There came a year when they actually whined about going. Can you believe it! So we added a Universal day in there to satisfy their teenage need for excitement! superheros! coasters! Aaaand we were sold. I also have two youngers kids, that are now teenagers. So it's all Universal all the time. :)

    This trip is me and my two boys, 14 and 16 yrs. We have not been to Universal since 2013.... long time!
    We are arriving Thurs May 4th 6pm - departing Monday May 8th 6pm
    Staying at Cabana Bay
    4 day park to park passes

    We have two of the big red refillable cups from our last trip... labels are all washed off, but I'm hoping we can use them still! Also have the butterbeer mug - I hear that is refillable for life as well, yes? And of course we will buy the refillable popcorn bucket. BEST deal out there in my opinion!

    I'd like to do at least one sit down meal at City Walk. I was looking forward to Toothsome, but the more I read the more I think not. Always love Jimmy Buffet... Breadbox looks interesting, but not really sit down. Pat O'Briens.... would LOVE to do dueling pianos, but I don't think teenagers are allowed in the room with the pianos....

    THURS - Taking Tony from the airport with a grocery stop. Picking up water, granola, goldfish, apples, grapes and cheese. Snacks and breakfasts! Hoping to get to the CB with time to scoot over to the park to trade our vouchers for tickets. I'm confused as to whether I can do that at the hotel. The email from JetBlue says to redeem at US ticket window.... I'm sure we won't have time to go in the park, but I want to have tickets in hand for Friday am! We will grab something to eat either at the hotel or City Walk and just chill!

    FRI - Universal Day! I did a plan on Touring Plans, includes all attractions, no shows. I am going to try to follow this, if it doesn't work out, no worries! We are going with the flow! I have 2 dining plans we will share with the three of us and plan to eat at Fast Food Blvd. We also want to hit Floreans for ice cream! Looks like we can get all this done by mid afternoon, so we will hit the pool! Dinner at CB.

    SAT - Today we do the breakfast buffet at RPR, Islands dining room. This is "almost" the number one thing on my boys list. :) The rest of the day we will do just shows and wet rides at each park. Then back to the pool/lazy river and chill! This is the night that US is open late, so we will pop over for a few hours end of day.

    SUN - IOA Day! I have 2 dining plans for this day as well, and a Touring Plan. We will do everything we can this day since it's probably our last day at the parks.

    MON - Tony will pick us up at 4 to head to the airport. :( The plan for today is breakfast buffet at HRH and pool hop. If we feel like it we can hit the parks again.

    So that's my trip. For now. I am very flexible and seem to make changes daily!

    15 days!
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    Nov 29, 2011
    Sounds like you bought a package from JetBlue. You can always try to redeem the vouchers at the hotel. Never done that so no idea. You should be able to do it in city walk also I would think, next to Starbucks. The ticket window can be a monster of a line. Call USO and check it out so you don't waste time. We had a large group at Pat obriens and my three kids are much younger than yours. We were in there before 9 but stayed fairly late. The staff didn't give us any problems. Your two might like NBC grill also.
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    Can't believe you are so close to starting your trip!

    Many changes since you last were there and I know you will enjoy it all

    Do come back and tell us all the fun things you did on uuur trip

    I spend a lot of time reading how others discovered the darkside
    And love when they return to share with us readers!

    I go for two trips a year and when I read trip reports always find something I need to check out on my next trips
  4. kathfish42364

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    Jan 25, 2017
    I will def do a trip report! It's the best way to relive!

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