My idea for Omnimover Ride for Sea World Orlando

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    This post is about my idea for a new Sea World Orlando ride that would use an omnimover ride system. I already understand that theme park companies like Sea World don't take ideas from other people but I'm just posting this to share and discuss.

    Sea World Undersea Adventure: The Search for Shamu

    Sea World guests walk into the ride building where they are invited to see the unveiling of mini-subs that can stay underwater for very long distances and dive at deeper depths. In the pre-show area, a team of Sea World scientists welcome the guests but quickly inform them of bad news. A group of burglers very recently broke into Sea World and stole some research equipment. What's worse is that in the process, they meddled with the theme park's security controls which opened a hidden hatch in the tank behind Shamu Stadium which contains a secret long tunnel that leads to the open ocean. Curious by the tunnel, Shamu decided to investigate and swim through it and is now lost somewhere in the ocean. Fortunelty before the incident, the scientists tagged Shamu with a state-of-the-art locater that they recently have been testing and its signal can be picked up by the new mini-subs. Scientists at Sea World have been in short supply for the day, so the scientist team asks the guests to go to the open ocean and find Shamu with the mini-subs while the scientists keep in contact with them.

    The pre-show ends and the guests enter a secret room where the mini-subs are. They enter their own mini-sub and are launched into a tunnel that also leads to the open ocean. The mini-subs arrive at a coral reef. As the
    the guests travel through it the scientists explain about the habitat and the marine life that lives there. Sensors on the mini-subs indicate that Shamu's signal is futher east. The subs then pass a shipwreck. The scientists teach the
    guests information about sharks which some of them are seen guarding the shipwreck. Shamu's signal becomes stronger indicating it is coming from within a crevase on the ocean floor. The mini-subs go through it and soon arrive at a deep and dark region of the ocean. The scientists tell about the luminous and eerie sea creatures that are seen swimming. Suddenly without warrning, a giant squid swims into view which nearly collides into the mini-subs. One of the scientists exclamies that it would be a disaster if the squid crashed into the subs.

    Soon the guests find Shamu who is overjoyed to be found by them. The scientists are happy that the search for Shamu has been successful. As the guests and Shamu are about to leave they feel rumbling which gets larger and larger. The mini-subs head into an underwater volcano which has just erupted putting the guests in danger. Fortunetly, Shamu saves their lives by leading them away from the chaos. The scientists are relived that the guests and Shamu are safe. The mini-subs rise with Shamu from the crevase and head back to Sea World.

    The scientists thank the guests for their help in finding Shamu. As for burglers, the scientists feel confident that it won't be long before the police bring them to justice and return the stolen equipment. They bid the guests farewell as the mini-subs arrive at the exit/unload area.
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    Cool idea!

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