My Goodness!!!


DIS Veteran
Jun 8, 2000
This is going to take some getting used to, that's for SURE!!!

Just goofing around, trying stuff out!!! :bounce:
this is cool...smilies right there for us to put in the post!!:bounce: :p

NOw to figure everything else out:rolleyes:

I made it!

Wow.. this could be cool!

* throws coloured confetti *

Interesting new site, and thank heavens my daughter is helping figure out all the new lingo: threads etc. I have a question, do I lose my posts (23) from before?:confused:
I thought I would post to check out how it works. What I like is you can see the post you are replying to on the same page as you are writing your reply. This helps me because I would start to post and then forget the name of the person I wanted to mention or forget some detail and have to back click but now you can just scroll down.


P.S. I don't remember spell check before....good idea!
Wow! This sure was a surprise this morning wasn't it, I like the new smilies :jester:
Grover in winnipeg:p

Hi guys! Wow what a change! Hmmmmmm I think this will take some getting used to....don't you all think so too? Oh well go with the flow! lol Morning to everyone and good luck!!:jester:
Well I thought I would join in and try this out:D It will take some getting used to, but all things do change.
Oh no!!!!!!!!!!! I just learned how to put a nice picture with my messages and now it's gone! Boo hoo! Now I have to learn how to do it all over again.......:(
I'm having troubles trying to edit. It took me back to the post reply stage, but my oringinal message wasn't there! We did lose some posts. I think it was last year that the forums had some changes and I lost posts there too. How am I ever going to catch Snowwark and Baboo:)
Well Canadave, if you can reach from Bobcaygeon to Hamilton, you've caught me!!! LOL!
I tried to edit a post on the Community Board and couldn't either. Same problem you had, no original message.
As far as post counts go, I went and whined on the Tech Board, and got mine back. I see now that Webmaster Pete, or maybe it was Alex, has posted on the Community Board regarding post counts.

Sammi, I guess it's back to the Tech Board to get "sammi" back! ;)

This is going to take me forever to figure out! :jester:
Welcome, guys!!:p

Yup, our new home.....hopefully the dust will settle soon. Will take a bit of getting used to, but hey, it will be better in the long run!!
Bear with us!!
I actually think the new boards are quite good and they have some new faces to choose from to I hope everyone can get used to it .
Darren & Lisa ºoº
Hey Snowwark I think I have my "sammi" I might have this computer licked after all!There is sooooo many options in here. I think I like this!:p
So far, I love the new boards!!!
Just keeps getting better and better ! :bounce:

Gotta love that bouncy guy!!
Hi guys :p Wow - I think these new boards are great. Hopefully I'll have more time to visit soon:bounce:
Hi everyone! I'm glad to see so many people took the plunge and made it over here. There certainly is a lot to experiment with, isnt' there? Let's have some fun!

Taryn, Timon, Sammi, SylviaM, where did you guys find those cute little pics to put under your names?? They look so good! :)


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