My adventures for the day, and is this truly the new mystery pin???

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    Jul 15, 2001
    So okay mind you this morning started out a little weird. I went to Animal Kingdom got my wristband, and went inside. Not a big crowd at all so I went in, stood in line got my pins in less than 30 minutes. Woo hoo I thought a great day so far.

    Went to the pin cart saw endless line I thought no way. Then it began, Adrian my newest adopted grandkid said lets go do the river rapids ride. Well heck it was hot I figured why not!

    Note (Kali River ride) Translation to english "Your gonna get wet sucker" to Spanish "el estupido people get weto" speaking both languages you would think I would get it. But noooooooooo.

    There were 6 of us that started out, but as we got closer I started to notice people walking away from the ride in various states of wet.

    Now there were 5

    As we got closer to the ride, a man wearing nothing but a pair of shorts holding his shoes in his hands, and covered head to toe with water smiles and says "Oh don't worry I fell in the water".

    Now there were 4

    I thought hmmm a man falls into water, and there are not at least 100 Disney people apologizing and handing him pins, and free annual pass for life, hmmm.

    Wait that's the sign post up ahead ( You have entered the… this ride should not ridden by people with bad backs ZONE ) dum dum dum… da da darum. (twilight zone theme get it?)

    Now there were 3

    More people are walking up from the ride. Now a woman in a white dress who is very wet, and very see through…. She's mortified "I had no idea she yells". Hmmm should I do the gentlemanly thing and give my lanyard to cover the embarrassing areas…. Yea right my pins get rusty no way. We do the foreign tourist bit, we point and laugh.

    Wait what's this I ask? A bridge were people stand, and shoot water at you from an elephants trunk, and they are the ones that just got off the ride very wet very angry. Oh oh woman in white dress stands at cannon #2 points to us makes a finger gesture, and mouths the words laugh now dry boy.

    Now there were 2

    Now it's just sweet lovable little Adrian and me. I start to walk away, then she looks up at me with those lovable eyes, and says please poppy I love this ride. Hmmm would that woman shoot a child I asked? Naaaaaa. Come on kid lets ride.

    We sit in the car, and it is wet waters pouring in, the seats are very wet,( instant wet butt ) not a problem I say, and werrrrrrrrre off.

    Folks it's a beautiful day here at the rapids… coming around turn #1 its Raul going backward, splash splash not a drop woo hoo. The gods are happy with me as we round corner #2, a wall hit sends Adrian crashing into me, and a drop of water hits my face all other totally soaked. I laugh at the face of danger. Ha ha.

    Then we go up up up, and stop I look at a child opposite me who smiled, and I swear turned into the image of my mother and said "dude this is it". RELEASE THE HOUNDS we're off, down down down then we hit water I see a wall of water coming at us that could easily flip any Disney Cruise Ship. I look up say oh my g…… CRASH BOOM BANG. Game over man game over.

    Oh somewhere in this world of ours the sun is shining, the children are playing and life is good, but there no joy in Animal Kingdom… Mighty Raul was washed out.

    (note this is pictorial reference to those not there, on my body right now nothing is dry I mean nothing)

    Then as I say to my self oh man its over, we go under the bridge, and kamikaze white dress woman is there waiting to finish me off, and that she did, not only did she take me out, but all the others as well.

    And then there were none.

    After the Storm (the part of me will be played by Mark Wahl.) I look down at Adrian who with her last breath smiles, spits out a mouth full of water and says "Cool poppy can we do it again" I smile and slap the child as other parents cheer me on (the wet one's that is).

    Kidding… I smiled and said no Adrian its time to hit the pin cart, she agrees and were off. As we pass white dress woman she smiles high fives me and says "nothing personal its business".

    So now crisis #1 everybody is gone no sweat I'll use my handy dandy phone and Nextel everybody to see were they are. As I pick up my phone flip it over and let the water run out of it, I wonder if it will work? So I push the button and I get… BRZZZZZ poop click and then I see and smell smoke. Oops good thing I got the hazard warranty.

    No phone, pins wet, lanyard swelling to twice its normal size, I decide I need to go to bathroom and cry silently in a stall of my choosing. But as I enter the bathroom I discovered air conditioning and wet cloths do not mix. I do the only manly thing I can do, I run out screaming like a 12 year old.

    As I'm heading back to the cart, I run into Jeff the artist doing the signing today who stops, points to me says not a word laughs, and says see you later, and runs away "later I find out he was lost had no idea where to go for the signing hee hee.

    Well here we are at the pin cart. Line goes on for over a hundred miles, I figure well I'll wait in line and dry off. Adrian looks like a drowned rat, but she's happy, I ask myself what's her mother going to say to me, she gives me a dry kid, and I return this to her. Oh man.

    Standing line the clouds roll in and it starts to rain, I care not cause I'm already wet, and I figured people may leave the line and I'll move up. Silly me these are pin people, a hurricane would not move them.

    Then when I'm only two people away from the cart. I start looking at the situation and take stock.

    Cart is full of flex and blah pins, they have not refreshed it for over a half an hour, I'm really wet, my underwear is doing weird stuff, my cell phone is dead, and its raining. (Sigh).

    I smile and say at least it can't get any worse…. Just then my oldest granddaughter runs up to me in the line and yells "have you seen Brooke (my youngest granddaughter) we lost her". Those that know me, know how I am about my grandkids. I went into super grandpa emergency superhero mode. I grabbed the closest CM in blue shirt and yelled shut down the park NOW.

    After security lets me get up off the ground, we discover that Brooke saw her mom, and ran after her, she was safe, in deep doo doo, but safe. As for me its back to end of the line. (sigh)

    But now I'm not alone, Wife and pintrader are with me. It's down to the last group of people and there are three people ahead of us, when they announce stop the line here were going to refresh the cart for the last time today. And who is in the front of the line little ole me I'm #4, wife is number #3, and hey pintrader is the queen, but after my day she's #5 dude.

    The mystery begins the cart is covered. I have my 5 pins so tight in my hands the pin back are imbedded into my skin. The cover comes off, and right off the bat I see a Memorial Day pin, and countdown #1. The bell sounds and #1 is away, we yell at the CM's come on dude, and I push the wife into play. I turn, pledge my allegiance to the throne, and I'm off.

    Memorial day gone, countdown gone, drat #1 and 2. Wait lets run to the other side CM in tow, CHA CHING a Dinorama, and tomorrow LE, WOW look at this… Reluctant dragon, Woo hoo and the Disney train slider, 1 pin to go, oh look Pete's dragon I'll take it for the wife its cute.

    I leave the cart and people are there forming the show us your pins gauntlet… what did you get what did you get? I hold my hand with my pins in it a lady looks and starts yelling OMG OMG. I look around yelling what what did the queen fall.

    No no she yells that's the new Mystery pin, its not even out yet. Where did you get it as she grabs me by the collar, off the cart I said.

    Then something magical happened, I looked back and all the CM's smiled and waved, the sky opened up and the sun began to shine, the 25 Brazilian girls from my past monorail experience appeared, and started to clap yelling and chanting you the man you the man. All was well in the world. My underwear was still acting weird but all was well.

    So ladies and gents Mystery pin not out yet who knows? But it is an LE of 1000 and I have not seen it before, and here it is.

    Lets hope she was right.

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  2. Humpbacks1962

    Humpbacks1962 Humpbacks1962 on Pinpics

    Feb 15, 2001
    Quite cute, for a mystery pin, I should say! Great catch!

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  4. Mickey527

    Mickey527 DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2000
    Wow, what a find. Yes, that is a mystery pin. If you go to the booklet they gave all of us who attended the auction you will see Pete's Dragon on the page with all the other Mystery Pins. It says next to it "Not released Yet" or something like that.
    We were told by CM's who lied to us by the way, that they were going to release that pin the day after the event, when almost everyone went home. I hung around Pin Central most of my last day waiting for the release which never came.

    And I guess you didn't see the final sign as you boarded Kali River. It says the main purpose of the ride is to get you as wet as possible. Those who come off dry have failed. You did good. Peggie
  5. Eeyore's Pal

    Eeyore's Pal Trading pins since before there were rubber backs

    Nov 14, 1999
    Being adopted as your grandchild, any time. Sounds like lots of fun, waterlogged clothes notwithstanding. :D

    Besides, you apparently have very good pin karma. :cool: What more could a girl want ?
  6. JudithM

    JudithM DIS Veteran

    Dec 5, 1999
    Poppy, can we ride Kali River Rapids again :)! This story is hysterical!
  7. Duckfan

    Duckfan constant begger of pins, medium size fish too far

    Dec 24, 1999
    you find the best pins. Can I send my pins to you and just let you trade for me? I am nice and I won't make you get wet ( I can't send water that far).

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