MVMCP entry time


Jan 22, 2006
We have tickets for MVMCP in December, but are not park hopping on this trip. Am I understanding correctly that we can enter MK at 4 or 4:30 with our party tickets?

We wouldn't mind spending the whole day there, but it almost seems a great opportunity to squeze in another park in the a.m. hours and then head to MK for the party. We have an ADR at Ohana and were thinking we might spend the day at Epcot, monorail to Ohana and on to MK for the party. Would that work?
Yes. Unoffically, they have been letting party goers in with just their party ticket after 4:00p for the past few years.
Last we were allowed into MK on our MVMCP Tickets at 4:10 when we arrived at MK.:goodvibes :goodvibes


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