Must dos for newbie to HHN for DD14 and DH

Sharon Morris

May 7, 2017
DD14 and DH going tomorrow night. We are MNSSHP and WDW people normally but DD has been wanting to go for two years. Spur of moment tomorrow night so trying to watch videos to know what are must dos. Any advice is welcomed she is a Strangers Things fan and the water show looks appealing but welcome any help on doing rides as haven’t been in several years TIA!


DIS Veteran
Mar 7, 2011
Here’s what we did last night
Saw all 10 houses and walked through the zones. Got in the Villain show but did miss the water show.
We wouldn’t dream of going for one night and not getting the express pass, single trip only. Since getting a lot done in one night is important
We started in the back
Rode Simpsons right about 6:30. Just because. Then did the two houses near that
Did the show at 7:45 (awesome second row seats) another house (1000 corpses)
Then headed to walk through zones (I hung in Zombie for a long time)
We meet up with a friend at 9:45 and did all remaining houses
Finished about 1:45
We sat for at least 45 min twice to rest our feet
Checked the phone and we walked 15 miles for the night

Hardest houses to work in were the monsters and the graveyard. They are off in a direction we didn’t take. We did them last.

I will say the later in the night we got the more the characters in the zones paid attention. Especially to DGD(11)


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