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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by fflmaster, Feb 19, 2002.

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    Feb 18, 2002
    i am about to purchase a block of points from dvc for the bcv and would like to know if this is a benefit to having points from more then one resort? when i talked to the sales person.. it did not sound like there was any reason to be part of another resort as you can only use your add on pts for that resort (when making a reservation at the 11 month window) and not your main group of points from your home resort.. is this the norm??

    for example i was about to purchase 210 pts from bcv and 75 add on pts from boardwalk.. i thought this would allow me to be able to stay at the boardwalk as well as the beach club.. i was told that i could only use my 75 pts at the boardwalk if i book 11 months in advance or all of my pts if i wait until the 7 month window.. since boardwalk is usually gone by the 7 month window then purchasing a small amount of pts there seems stupid..

    can anyone shed some light on why people use add on pts then??

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    Since you can bank and borrow points, a small point contract can become 3 times it's value every third year.

    For example, suppose you did a 75 point add on at a 2nd resort. Then for 2002 you bank your points into 2003 and then in 2003 you borrow your 2004 points. You now have 225 points you can use at this resort at the 11 month window.

    Put another way, suppose you had 75 points at each of three different resort, for a total of 225 points. By proper banking, borrowing, and scheduling, you could have the 11 month at each resort every 3rd year. So one year you stay at resort "A", the next year at resort "B", and the 3rd year at resort "C", then you repeat the cycle.

    Some members have one main resort they use most, but may bank and borrow to get into one of the other resorts at 11 months.

    Of course, at 7-months points from any resort can be used anywhere else. 7-months still works well almost everywhere when you're not looking for prime seasons, or special views (such as standard views at BWV's.

    BTW, boardwalk is sold out. I don't think Disney has any points available there. Your only choice would be to go resale, and a 75 point BWV resale would be very difficult to find.

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