Montana Minnies

A New Generation of Mouseketeers
Aug 8, 2003
My sister, Kathy was the DVC member since 2010.
Nov.20, 2020 she passed away from Covid19 pneumonia. 😥 This came so unexpectedly and left myself, our brother & his family in shock.
She was so excited to start planning our next WDW family vacation for Oct.2021
Since she was hospitalized one of our nieces took care of making the reservations, thinking she would get better and be with us. God had other plans in mind.
She left 100 pts to each of the 3 nieces. As far as I know we will still be going. It just doesnt seem like it will be the same without her. She was a planner.
She & I would always arrive a few days earlier than the others which I am going to miss doing.
Her favorite thing was to take the boat ride from OKW to Disney Springs at least once while we were there. Her home resort is Bay Lake Towers and she loved being able to watch the fireworks from our MK view Grand Villa.
She would come on the DIS to find out what foods & beverages were popular and then need to try one once we got there!
We made so many memories and I am really going to miss her. People were always asking us, "Are you two sisters?" We'd laugh and say why yes. We've been told we look a lot alike even though there was a 9 year difference in our ages.
I'm the youngest. I am definitely lucky to have had her not just as my sister, but as my friend.
Goodbye Kathy, we will always remember your love of " The Mouse"


Dan Murphy

We are family.
Apr 20, 2000
I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's passing, Montana Minnies. The virus has been so cruel to so many. We lost one of our best friends last week.

When you all are in WDW next October, celebrate your sister's memory with so many wonderful memories you all have of her. She will be with you, you'll see. :hug:'s

I love the family picture at Hoop Dee Doo Revue. Hoping it is open again soon. Make sure to go there if it is, celebrate. Watch those MK fireworks from the Grand Villa, celebrate. Take that boat ride ride from OKW to DS, celebrate.

You all have a lifetime of wonderful memories, to celebrate!