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Mar 18, 2001
I don't understand how spiderman can't terrify us "ride whimps" when these fearless roller coaster people say that it is incredible. How can a ride be incredible for fearless roller coaster people and still not scare us ride whimps to death??? There must be something that I am missing about this ride. What happens that makes it exciting and not scary at the same time? I would like to go but I am sure that I will be so worked up at the thought of what might happen that I will chicken out as usual and spend the day on one fish two fish.

Well, the ride is so unique...and not to give too much away about it.

I think it might be a bit much for people with motion sickness, but most who have it were fine.

It is a crazy ride, but you're not on a wild and crazy maneuver every second. Half the time you're watching the charcters, and half the time you're actually moving through everything. It's not like you're constantly getting thrown about like a rollercoaster. It's short bursts, each one a completely different feeling and event.

Trust me, you HAVE TO...ABSOLUTELY MUST...go on this ride. :cool:
If you pass on this ride, you pass on a great experience. You have to jump on this ride. My bet is once you ride it, you will be in line again immediately after. When I first rode Spiderman during the sneak preview back in 1999, I was unaware how cool it really was. I new it was a simulator of some kind, but not a moving simulator with 3-D. In fact, no one really new a whole lot about it. What a suprise! When the ride was over me and my friends laughed and shared the experience for hours. I am from Indiana. I go to Universal once a year and this year our trip is planned for April 28 - May 5. I can't wait!!!!
First of all, it is not a rollercoaster, so throw out your rollercoaster fears. :)

It is a highly sophisticated simulator that is on a track that moves through various sets, 3D movie scenes, and cool special effects while telling the story of Spidey fighting with the (?) Sinister Syndicate for stealing the Statue of Liberty.

Towards to end of the ride, they simulate a freefall. Keep in mind the word, "simulate". You are NOT actually falling, it just appears that way.

I highly recommend you give the ride a chance at least once. My youngest daughter was 4 when she rode it, and loved it from the start. :D

RhondaS, Co-Moderator of the Community Board
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"3" God speed.


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