More luggage/packing questions - clarifications?


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Nov 10, 1999
  1. Two pieces of luggage apiece? That's the limit? Does this include carry-on luggage or is it simply what is to be checked in and moved by the porters?
  2. If you tape a couple of 12 packs of pop together securely, they may or may not allow you to bring it onboard - per recent discussions? Even if they did - that would count as one of your pieces of luggage?
  3. Hanging bags for formal and semi-formal clothing definitely count as a piece of luggage?
  4. Tux or suit? If you were going to bring only one - which would you bring? In other words, would a tuxedo be too formal for semi-formal nights?
Hi Dodie!

Two pieces of CHECKED bags is the limit. You will only have FOUR luggage tags between the two of you, so anything you want to check with the porters will have to be attached to one of those four tags. That includes checked drinks and hanging bags. But remember you can CARRY ON a few things so that's always an otpion. :)

As for tux vs. suit, either one is fine...whichever your husband is comfortable wearing. :) I did not see many tuxes on semi-formal night, though.
We had our 4 pieces of luggage (2 adults) collected at the Hyatt for the bus transfers, but were able to check a 5th bag (one of our carry-ons) when we checked in for the bus at the airport Hyatt. They wrote a tag by hand and took it with the rest of the checked baggage. It was delivered to the stateroom with all of the other bags. I've heard that they'll do the same thing at the port, but I've never experienced this personally.


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