Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2001
How does everyone take thier spending money? Do you pay for everything on a credit card then pay it off when you get home. Take half cash and then use a creit card? Then again you could take travelers checks. Thanks again for your help!!
hi: if you are staying on site, you can opt for charging privileges on your resort id. the front desk will ask for a credit card to charge this to. also, if you are staying on site, you may cash personal checks at the front desk of your hotel. i don't remember if the limit is $50-$100 per day. the only cash i carry down there is basically for tipping or any counter service food i might buy. everything else goes on the room card.
Travelers Checks!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Cash only except for gas. Then when we come home, we have no bills to worry about. We split the money between my husband and I. I use mine until it runs out, then we use his.
We brought about $600.00 cash with us, $70.00 in Disney Dollars for the kids to spend and when all that ran out we used our Debit card! Boy did it all go fast! :)
One of the best ideas I've tried, is figuring about $50/day for food, souveniers and mad-money per kid. This ensures that they each get to eat when/what they want, and no whining. Plus, I don't feel 'nickeled to death' by teenagers begging me to buy them a T-shirt, or trinket. If they have $300 in cold hard cash to spend during the stay, you would be amazed at how happy they are to eat a cheap hamburger, and how well they can save the money. Plus, I know up front how much money to budget for the vacation. My wife and I use our VISA, and because the kids have their money already, we haven't blown a budget yet. Works great for us; plus it teaches the kids to budget their own money. I'd rather have them learn now, and risk $300 on stupidity, than wait for them to hit college and get a credit card, and then be at risk for thousands. Teach'em young, and teach'em well.

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