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  1. tpettie

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Hi, So when in disney how does everyone pay for things? We are a large group of 15 and 10 of that is children mostly 9yrs and up in age they will have their own spending money what is the best thing to do. Just have them each have their own cash in USD (each of them has a Heys Bag) of if they were to take their debit cards how does that work? Do canadian debit cards work? do you get extra service charges? how does the exchange rate work?

    thoughs, suggestions....
  2. sean-1966

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    Dec 4, 2005
    I don't have kids but I am wondering if gift cards would be good, or Disney Dollars?
  3. Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina

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    Sep 12, 2008
    We are going for a week in January. Our son is 12.

    He is currently saving his money in a US High Interest Savings account at our local bank. He has a paper route and receives an allowance, so he is able to make weekly contributions in Canadian dollars and have them automatically converted at the current exchange rate into US dollars. Interest is paid at a small rate. The nice thing about saving this way is he knows right now how much he has saved in US currency, rather than hoarding it away in Canadian dollars and wondering what his savings will equate to once its time to leave for our vacation.

    Before we go, we'll make a withdrawal of his funds. Then he's going to decide on a budget for each place he wants to spend money at (4 parks, resort gift shop, Downtown Disney, etc.). Once we arrive at our resort, we'll convert the cash into multiple gift cards ... one for each place he wishes to spend at. For example, if he saves $300 US and plans on shopping at all 4 parks, the resort and DTD, then we'd get 6 cards worth $50 each. Then, when we leave for the park in the morning, he takes one of his cards with him. The rest can stay in the room safe.

    This will help him to budget, and take away any chance that he'll be overzealous in his spending and end up broke before the vacation ends. Plus, taking only a portion of his funds with us each day is safer than carrying a lot of cash. And using a gift card keeps everything change to make, just scan and go.
  4. tricia

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    Canadian debit cards work in US banking machines as long as they are interac, or whatever system you banc needs (cirrus, etc.). But, they do not work as Point of Sale purchases the way we are used to here.(At least not the last time I was there) Also, the fees for using the banking machine depend on what canadian bank you use, and what kind of agreements they have with certain US banks. You can usually find out this information on your banks website, or call your local branch.
  5. Cottager

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    Mar 21, 2008
    Why not use this opportunity for the kids to learn a little about good old fashioned cash. Give each of them little wallets and let them manage their own money. My boys get $50 each trip and they work out what items cost and what they have left over. We leave it up to them to manage their money and the consequences of using the money on one item or using it too quickly.

    Let's get back to the basics....they're kids!!!!

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