Momto2inKC trip report- Days 1 & 2


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Jan 9, 2005
Me (28) Mom, wife, planner of trip, worried about crowds
Kenny (31) Husband, Dad, not sure he's going to enjoy this trip
Tristan (8) Son, only concern is meeting Power Rangers and any characters that are in his Kingdom of Hearts game
Madi (6) Daughter, a true Princess in training, loves all things Disney

We decided back in October, well, I decided after feeling blue about never having taken the kids on a true vacation, that we were going to Disney World!! Dh grumbled at the idea, but agreed. The kids were ecstatic and Disney soon became basically the only topic of conversation in this house.

Friday, May 13th-
I pick the kids up from school. Back when we booked our trip, today would've been there last day of school. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided that we needed a bit more snow than we would've liked this year. So, the last day had been pushed back to May 20th. No biggie, we talked to the teachers and all agreed that it would be no problem for them to miss. There would be no 'work' that last week anyway.
Anyway, after lots of talking to the teachers and the kids friends, we came home and started packing the car. I wanted to leave at midnight, dh wanted to leave at 8pm. Hmmm....seems like he's really starting to get excited about this trip :banana:
So on the road at 8 we are! We are heading to WDW from the Kansas City area and are told to expect a drive of at least 20 hours (not counting stops). Well, the kids did just great! And at mile #33.4 we got our first "Are we there yet?" lol They in fact did so well that we decided to not stop and just drive straight through. This would put us into Orlando a day early. No big deal, we'll find a hotel, right?
Saturday, May 14th
We enter Florida and stop down the road at the Disney Welcome Center. I went to the reservation counter to see what rooms were available on property for the night. The CM punched some things into the computer and had a funny look on her face, then said let me try this again :badpc: Nope, nothing was wrong with her computer, there were no rooms available for the night on property :sad2: My worry about the crowd level is definately rising now!! So back in the car and I proceeded to call every hotel in the guide book. After almost an hour I found one with a room. It was the Serlago.
We arrive at the Serlago around 6, check in and get some dinner at the food court. The room was okay. Not very comfy beds, but it'll work. Apparently we fell asleep before the kids.

Next up....Day 3....Onward to Disney!! :cheer2:
20 hours driving!!!! Your kids are obviously great, how many times did you have to play the alphabet game?:rotfl:
Where is the rest?:confused3

Boy was I surprised to come to the trip report board to start my trip report when I see this LOL I never did manage to finish this one, bad I know! But i'm getting ready to work on our recent one now.
20 hours driving!!!! Your kids are obviously great, how many times did you have to play the alphabet game?:rotfl:

LOL!! The drive really wasn't too bad, of course I have vowed that I will never travel that far by car again;)


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