Mom24Princesses 4/1-8/06 Report Day 3

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    Feb 7, 2005
    It seems I forget something BIG every day. On Sunday afternoon the seas got rougher. The bridge report agreed. (8-13ft waves.) With our once in the morning and once in the afternoon dose of non-droz. meds we had no problems at all. You'd feel it rocking but not feel woozy. It really was kind of neat. "Hey, I really am on the Disney Magic in the middle of the ocean!" It lasted until mid-day on Monday and then we never needed any meds. Still took a few but never felt anything. When we were in port I missed the movement!!

    I will refer to my DDs as DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4 (14, 12, 8, & 6)

    Day 3 April 3, 2006 At Sea
    We got up at 8:00 having pre-ordered room service for a snack for DH and I and breakfast for DDs3 & 4. We had Palo brunch ressies for 11:00. We ate this and took the girls to their programs. Then I did a load of whites. (No problem getting a machine this early in the week.) I put $1.50 in the dryer and it dried the load. Then I went to check on pictures at shutters. I’d read about stacking photos. They had signs everywhere asking that you not do this. We did not have many yet so I went ahead and bought the 10 plan for each size and took all the good ones knowing I could trade them later in the week.

    Palo – I’d made the ressie when we boarded Saturday. They offered my choice of times. When we arrived we were not on the list. He did not skip a beat and seated us without question. I still don’t know what that was about. You could always try that. Show up dressed and act like you had a ressie? Well, maybe not. Our server was Kristian (did I spell that right?? REMEMBER I AM NAME DISANBLED). He said that he had been with the Magic for seven years! Many of you may have had him. He was very knowledgeable. He showed us all that was offered. It was wonderful. I had the bacon wrapped scallops. They were incredible. You’d have to try them. Words can’t describe how good they were. I had the stolen with jam. whipped cream and berries, fresh fruit. A Palo cressont. We ordered a pepperoni pizza!! It seemed like a pepperoni pizza was too ordinary BUT I wanted to see how it was. It was great. We ate about a piece and a half each. AND WE BOTH ORDERED THE TRNDERLOIN. It was a smaller serving but it was great. Then we each had 3 little desserts and Kristian brought another that we’d not picked.

    We checked on younger DDs, took one, rested an hour, picked up the other and went to see the matinee of Twice Charmed. It was a good show. DD4 went BACK to the Club and DH, DD3 and I went and got ice-cream on deck 9. I mastered the “free” milkshake. Get a drink cup at the drink station. But an inch of milk in the cup and a little half&half (next to the milk) Then go get your ice-cream added and if you want it real chocolately, add the Heresy syrup. Stir until smooth. I had 3 during the week!

    We headed in about 4:00. Older DDs showed up about 4:30. Decided to get ready for dinner before getting DD4 from the club. Messed up. They were headed to Topsiders and it took 15 min. to get her. AND she pulled a tooth in the process. DD4 has a bleeding disorder similar to hemophilia. We are late to dinner and she is bleeding!! Family goes on to Animator’s Pallet. I feed her ice water. I get her there a little late AND because of the ice water she is freezing. My observation, if you are usually cold in air-conditioned places, figure you’ll be cold in the ship. OR for our family the skinny members stayed cold and the fluffy members never needed sweaters. OH, and our table was terrible for seeing the “show” of AP. Dinner was OK. I’d seen AP menus and knew that it would not be my favorite. The chocolate cake was very good. I asked for a bowl of vanilla ice-cream to cut the chocolate.

    Ran DD4 back to the club to see Stich.

    Then ran to see the family show from Andy Ford. It was cute and enjoyable. Wished we could see his adult show later BUT St. Maarten/Pirate Night awaited us and I did not think we should stay out too late.

    We got DD4 from club and made it to Eight Below. We’d not seen it yet on purpose, knowing it would be on the Magic. The theater was crowded but we had good seats and it is a great movie.

    Notice NO one swam today. AND DDs 1 & 2 didn't seem to be around much!!
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    Apr 5, 2006
    What types of souvenirs did your girls get? I am just wondering how much to budget for my 3 girls.
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  4. Dznyjenn

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    Feb 16, 2006
    :rotfl: :rotfl2: "fluffy" members not too cold...LOVED IT. That's my new way of describing myself: FLUFFY! :goodvibes LOL

    Great trip reports. I'm getting my writing arm ready to take notes...Can't wait to share!
  5. Mom24Princesses

    Mom24Princesses DIS Veteran

    Feb 7, 2005
    I was a little disappointed in this area. SINCE it was our first cruise I did not know what to expect. We've done WDW "a million" times and I knew a little. Our DDs had been saving thier own money for over a year. They'd known about the trip for over a year and saved all Christmas and Bd $$. (Each had about $80.) I never told the younger 2 how much they had. The older two did not spend a lot. I brought gifts along to have in the cabin and did not have much for the older two so I told them that they could have $30 as an on-board credit for what ever they wanted. NEITHER SPENT THAT MUCH. I think I've trained them to be frugal. The younger 2 bought a bunch of junk and some was lost the next day!!! :confused3

    NEXT TIME I will tell the younger 2, here you have $20. THEN if there is someting I want them to have I'll just get it.

    Don't get me wrong. I told them no to a lot of items. DD4 bought a Cinderella wallet that was marked down to $4. She took it to the club the next day adn we never saw it again. (They did not spend all of their $$ BUT they thought they had.)

    Rachel bought a Sleeping Beauty crown, gloves adn purse (not DCL at all) for $30!!! (That was when "her $$ ran out".)

    I wanted items unique to DCL. Things you can't get anywhere else. We did not get them t-shirts etc. They had them. We just did not get them. I bought beach towels $20/22(2) and coffee mugs $10 (3) that had DCL logos. Picture frames and photo albums etc.

    This was a sore area for me, bothering me even after we got home.

    It was your basic "Disney Store" where some items were DCL. (They have the basic characters as sailors and Priates on a lot of stuff. We got a stuffed Minnie in her sailor outfit.)

    They had some cute clothes for girls. BUT I did not get any because that has been one of my downfalls in spending over the years. (Spending on the girls.) We don't carry a ballance on our credit cards anymore. Others brag about weight lose. We've made strides in our spending and I resisted buying some real cute clothes for DD4 (my last baby).

    Hope that this helps a little.
  6. 3sons

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    Feb 23, 2006
    Thanks for the report. I'm enyoying reading about your trip while waiting for ours!
    That extra fluff is handy sometimes! It also makes one extra huggable!
  7. Verandah Man

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    Jan 24, 2003
    Oh yes, brunch at Palo, I remember it well!!! We had Kristian as our server for our DISmeet brunch at Palo on our first cruise. I think all of us adults were a bit "fluffier" after that meal, LOL!!! :rotfl:

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