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Earning My Ears
May 28, 2007
Maybe a silly question, but...many of you have recommended moleskin for hot spots and blisters. Just wondering - do you apply the padding over the whole area or cut a hole in a piece where the blister is? I ask because it seems like the sticky adhesive would hurt coming off a blister, but if you didn't have coverage on the blister, that would rub against the shoe. ??
My feet got were sooooo sore on our first trip to WDW that I used moleskin to cover practically every single place my feet touched my shoes (except the bottom).

To remove the moleskin, I soaked my feet for about 15-30 min. It still hurt a bit when I tore it off, though.
I have found that most effective use of moleskin is for preventing blisters. Keep some with you. If you start to feel a hot spot on your feet, then stop as soon as possible and apply the moleskin to the affected area. Now you have excellent blister prevention.

I wouldn't recommend using moleskin on an actual blister myself for the reasons that you are concerned, the adhesive directly on the surface of the blister. There are other products available that are intended for this purpose, including Spenco 2nd Skin or Blister Relief (sometimes called Compeed or Blister Block). This page has some good info: Care Part Two.htm

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