Moderate comparison


Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2001
Anyone stayed in more than one moderate and feel one is better?

I wanted to stay at ASMusic but, they were booked at this late date (leaving March 28). So, I had to make a fast decision on a moderate. I chose PO riverside. Is this a good moderate? Is there one that is better?

My kids are 3 and 5 but, I know they will be happy anywhere. Its me, the picky person that I worry about.

That's where I am staying in July upon recommendation of friends who have been there many times. I haven't stayed in a moderate before, but they tell me this one is the best. My friend said it is the best for your money. She didn't like CBR or CSR because they were both too large. CBR they had trouble getting a bus out when they were there and at CSR they had to walk 1/2 mile just to get to the bus stop. I'm hoping for the French Quarter too!
What's great about PO is the kids love the dragon slide. Also, it's a small resort, so everything is withing a decent walking distance.
Have a great trip!



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