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May 20, 2008
We are staying offsite for the first time. This morning, we arrived at the TTC and had to take the boat to MK for rope drop. There were a couple cast members directing all guests to the boat. Is this normal or was there something wrong with the monorail? Need to get to MK a bit earlier in a couple days but want to make sure we know what to expect. Is there another way to get there easily from offsite?
There was probably a monorail issue. The first monorail should run around 7am. Your only other option would be to get a cab or uber to the Contemporary and walk over to MK from there.
Welcome to the current monorail. Wrought with issues as it is. It's down often, especially in the AM, when they've been working on various things all night and often doesn't get up and going in time.
When it's down there will be ferry and often, they'll even have a bus running too. If they've got a bus running too, they'll have signs or a CM there directing you over to the right (as you look at the monorails)
Your only other option is to take a RideShare over to Contemporary Resort and walk.
We had to take the boat again today. We heard the lady directing traffic away from the monorail state it doesn’t start running until 8:30. Made it on time to ride 7dmt right away so turned out okay.

We rode on the top level and it was better today than Tuesday. Hot boats are not the best for this motion sensitive lady! 😉


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