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Charles Bartowski

Earning My Ears
Sep 12, 2018

I plan to propose to my girlfriend in 3 weeks at Magic Kingdom. I have been drafting out different ways and backup plans.

She really loves Cinderella so my initial plan is to propose in front of the Wishing Well during Early Hours. I'll flag down a photopass photographer beforehand to capture the moment. But, from what I have heard though, the pathway to this has been closed for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I hope it won't be while I am there but if not its on to plan B.

I have a fastpass reservations for Meet Cinderella at Fairytale Hall where I plan to just tip off the Cast Members and propose there. I'm worried about doing it in front of a bunch of strangers. I read that they let you in small groups of others and there is only two of us.

My last idea was during breakfast. I was able to get a reservation at Cinderella's Round Table. I don't plan to use their proposal package and just propose after the meal, hopefully without attracting too much attention.

Any tips or corrections to my knowledge to make this go smoothly for me? I'm excited and nervous and would appreciate it.


Edit: Sucess! Thanks for all the suggestions! I went with the fairytale hall and she said yes! The CM was sort of not discrete and took us into the fast pass entrance and she suspected something. Here is a picture!
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Dec 6, 2017
Congrats, so exciting! I love your Plan A and Plan B. Plan C feels a little less personal for some reason. I am sure no matter you do it, she will love it though. I think any way you slice it, there will be a few people around. You will be so nervous you won't notice anyone else around, and she will be so excited , neither will she ;)
  • scrappingbuckeye

    Feb 28, 2013
    I like the Fairytale Hall idea - I'm thinking if you can somehow pass them a note they can make sure the room is clear of other guests. They actually only let a few in a time anyway worst case scenario and by a few there's generally less than 10 between the 2 princesses. There will be photopass photographers there guaranteed. The background will be nice and misc people shouldn't be in your pics. Disney cast members generally geek out over proposals so I think they will work with you to make it special.

    I would then later go to the wishing well and recreate pics when there is a photographer there. That way you've got multiple shots but not the pressure of trying to find a photographer. I'm not sure there is one there early in the am.

    Please come back and tell us what you decided and how it went!


    A Quirky Strange Girl in a Disney World
    Mar 18, 2015
    Both ideas sound great. As long as you don't do it during the fireworks (my husband did this but couldn't get down on one knee and it was dark so I couldn't see what he was doing and couldn't hear) lmao


    painting with all the colours of the wind
    Feb 26, 2008
    Dh proposed to me in front of the castle at park opening 6 years ago. He didn't really want loads of people either but the few people who were walking past us and looking with big grins on their faces actually made for some really good photos. I think you've got some lovely ideas there good luck!!
  • FSU Girl

    DIS Veteran
    Oct 20, 2016
    When you eat at the castle you meet Cinderella downstairs and there is a photopass photographer there. You could do it there and they can capture the moment. Then have a great meal afterwards.


    DIS Veteran
    Sep 9, 2007
    How sweet, I love your ideas!! I think Plan B at Fairytale Hall! I bet you could slip a note to a CM or maybe, what if you wrote a note on your phone and asked the CM to "take a photo" but really the note was on the screen? Just talking off the top of my head. Every time I've done Fairytale Hall not many people at all have been in the room. It would be so sweet!

    I think anything you pick will be lovely and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I saw a proposal on Main Street prior to the Halloween parade and in all my Disney trips, it was the first I saw! She was completely surprised and my friend and I cheered when she said yes - it seemed like the entire rest of the crowd didn't even see! They were ecstatic and I wish you the same joy!! (I am at my desk and smiling like crazy at this plan you have!)


    Earning My Ears
    Feb 24, 2018
    I proposed to my wife on the Tomorrowland side of the castle. There was a photopass photo spot just at the start of the bridge. I let me wife get a little ahead of me as we walked up and I told the photographer I was going to propose. So we got LOTS of great pictures, everything from me starting to bend down to the hugging afterwards. Found out later that was his first proposal shots. Lots of people stopped and cheered, we even ran into some ladies later who had walked by and saw it.

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