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    It was just over a year ago that I discovered the D.I.S. podcast. While it was not the first Disney podcast I listened to, nor the 2nd, or even the 3rd, once I found it, it grew to be my favorite. It was a treasured time for me, each Tuesday and Wednesday, as I delivered the mail to my customers, listening to the D.I.S. gang discuss my favorite subject, Disney. It made the time pass with ease and lifted the burdens of my labor.

    Why the D.I.S.? I think most all of you would agree with me it was the camaraderie, the joviality, the essence of family that Pete, John, Kevin, Corey, Julie, and our beloved Bob brought to us with each gathering of the “round table”. While I never met any of them, I felt as if they were like me, regular people, that shared a love for Disney. At times cynical or opinionated, but most often spirited, joyous, and warm. Real people whom we can all relate to. They were part of our community at large, part of the “Disney” family, like treasured members of our own family. They love what they do and they absolutely enjoy sharing their knowledge with each of us.

    Now part of that family is gone. I found out just about 30 hours ago, while walking my mail route, admittedly listening to another Disney podcast. They mentioned that Bob Varley had passed. It took a minute or so to sink in. Then I was dumbfounded. Bob? Our Bob? I immediately thought of the impact on the podcast crew, of Diana, his wife. Tears welled up on and off for over an hour. A treasured member of our “Disney” family had passed. I am still shocked, hurt, feeling a profound sense of loss. That someone that I have never met, only know from the brief 2 ½ hours I spent listening to the gang each week, can provoke this depth of feeling illuminate how special a person Bob was.

    Some of the posts call him “Bawb”, the New England phonetic spelling of his pronunciation, but I can’t, at least for now. For me this is truly a somber week, although I am sure Bob doesn’t mind at all that many still refer to him now that way. For Bob would want our spirits to remain high, the joyous nature of his life intact, his spirit still with us each time we think of the D.I.S., Disney, ECV’s, mangled New England accents, “The Boot”, ‘Kart Cam”, and oh so much more. He shall walk along with each of us whenever we visit the parks, for he was part of us, and of love for him gave him a zest for living. One could tell from his words, from the interplay of the podcast team, from the words each of them spoke that each of the crew loved Bob, and he in turn loved each of them. That is what makes the D.I.S. the best podcast, they are a family, and while Pete is the patriarch, Bob was the beloved uncle. He will be sorely missed, but ever remembered in the hearts of us all.

    While we all feel the loss, let us rejoice in the fact that Bob lived a happy life, doing what he enjoyed the most. I know, who am I to say this? But I believe we all can look back, remember his words, and just know that this is the case. We will all meet him again, in time. Perhaps even now he is reminiscing with Walt Disney himself, finding further joy in his afterlife. That is what I will believe.

    Goodbye Bob, you will always be missed.........................................
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    you expressed so well what many of us have been feeling. Thank you

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