Feb 27, 2000
If one views the new trip planning video from Universal it says NO LINES NO WAIT ALL ATTRACTIONS 7 DAYS A WEEK 365 DAYS A YEAR!

Yesterday when I was at my local AAA office located in Garden City, NY, the woman who sold me my Universal passes told me what a wonderful time she had with her family at Hard Rock hotel last week. Her sons especially loved being able to ride Men In Black over and over trying to beat each other's score!

If one looks at newspaper ad's from travel agencies they also boast of unlimited FOTL access.

I just called the Loews reservations and I was told FOTL access is unlimited all day.

I then called Hard Rock Concierge desk over my concerns about the changes to FOTL. The concierge person could not believe they would limit it to once on each ride per day and said he hasn't heard anything like that and that I shouldn't believe internet rumors!! He said the unlimited system that they have now is working great and does not forsee any major changes.

He then informed me how much fun I will have riding Hulk 20 times in a row when I get there for my stays in March and August.

You would think if Universal is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in technology they can afford sending an e-mail to their employees alerting them of the changes so that guests are not mislead like this.

With this kind of marketing how can Universal possibly impliment a one-ride per day system this year without upsetting a lot of people who are under the impression it is unlimited?

Isn't it possible that Universal is developing the once per day technology but doesn't plan on using it until the Royal Pacific Resort comes on-line? That would make a LOT more sense. It would be deceitful if they went against their current promotions and implimented the system this year.

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Welcome to the world of marketing. I don't think I would say false advertising though. Unlimited can be applied to "all day". Didn't it used to be in the morning only? It's going to once per day per attraction per hotel guests, plus what their tickets will get them. You will get what the ad says, just once per attraction. Go down the street and see what you get.

As far as the AAA person riding MIB over and over last week, it wasn't an issue with the attendance level last week. They probably didn't even use their cards.

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I would call to false advertising and out right lieing. Unlimited rides with no waits dosent mean one time on each ride does it? When we went in dec i rode Hulk 5 times in a row with no wait at all just got off the ride and took about 10-15 steps and was back on the ride, that is unlimited rides. not what they are trying to sell us now.

You do not understand that the AAA Employee was trying to sell me on staying at HRH. Her trip was probably affiliated with her job since the hotel just opened. So from her own experience, her biggest selling point to me, the customer, is the fact that her kids loved going on MIB over and over again.

Don't you think Universal should inform their own staff as well as travel agencies about the change so that they do not mislead their customers?

How would you like it if you booked a cruise and the travel agent told you that she took the cruise and they had all you can eat buffets. Then when you got on the cruise, you found out that you are allowed only 1 trip to the buffet line per day. Obviously you would be pretty upset that you had been lied to. Tomorrow I will call a few local travel agencies and see what they tell me about Front of the line access. I'm willing to bet they will say it's unlimited. I will let you know...

You will see from a previous post that I also called Universal and questioned an agent about the FOTL policy;she assured me that it was unlimited access all day every day. That's what I was told when I made my HRH reservations, as well. 1)Universal employees should have the correct information when questioned and 2)if you have an onsite res and were told your access would be "unlimited" that's what you should get. The only reason we even considered a crazy day like Prez day was because of the FOTL feature.I just wish US employees could give out the details so we could plan how we're going to tour on such a crowded day.I'm also concerned about the kids each having their own room key, we've had adults lose their room keys at WDW, let alone 4 kids' keys to keep track of. ANyway, thanks for the info, I wouldn't even have known about FOTL if it hadn't been for this board.
I have never heard such a large amount of complaining and whining in one place! Granted if I was staying onsite in March, I probably wouldn't be thrilled about the changes, however I definatly wouldn't be crying about and acuseing Universal of false advertising. On my last several trips to IOA the park was virtually empty, but the onsite guests INSISTED on using their FOTL perk because "they paid for it" even though in many cases there was absolutly no wait in the stand by line, while the FOTL line had 30 guests or more waiting. It was obviously clear that the FOTL system had lived out it's current life and needed to be modified to be fair to both regular park guests (yes, believe it or not they paid $40+ to be able to go on some rides too) and onsite guests. People need to look at reality a little more. Space Mountain is advertised as being one of the highlight rides at the MK yet it is down almost every January, often unannounced. Do you go around crying false advertising? And to say that since you go during peak times and can only go during peak times you MUST HAVE front of the line prvledges is kind of wrong too. I have several occassions where my work schedule would only allow me to visit on busy days, weekend and holidays. Was I that upset about it? No! Thats why the parks extend their operating hours by 3 or 4 hours and sometimes more. Just get there early, stay late, and take advantage of your on-site FOTL and Universal Express if you have a multiday pass. I'm sure whether or not the new system is a good deal or not could be debated forever, but remember the alternative available at those "other" parks, and think again. Universals perks aren't too bad!



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