Minnesotan's Birthday Bash - Day 6

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    Aug 27, 1999
    Well this is the last in our trip reports. I hope you all liked reading them, it was fun to post what happened to us for other to read.

    Day 6
    August 20th 2002

    We woke up at the La Quinta at 5:30am EST because we had to meet the taxi back to the airport at 6:15am. Our new flight was leaving MCO at 7:15am. We loaded up our luggage and got to the airport just fine this time. It was kind of funny, our taxi driver to the airport was better than out Tiffany driver the day before. We checked into our flight just fine, once we mentioned that we were from a cancelled flight the night before and that was why we didn't have any paperwork with confirmation numbers or anything. We walked right through security this time and practically right on to the plane. I know we were not in the Orlando Airport for more than 45 Minutes. I guess that made up for the hours we were there the night before trying to streighten everything out.
    both of us had called our parents and our work places to let themknow what was going on and that we would not be to work on time that day. Once on the plane we learned the real reason why our flight was cancelled the night before. The plane was litterally falling apart and the CREW refused to fly on it to Florida much less back to Atlanta.
    I'm not sure if I wrote about this plane in Day 1 or not so here's a breif recap. The plane we flew from Atlanta to Orlando was to be the same exact plane we flew from Orlando back to Atlanta. It was OLD! the Emergency Exit doors instead of sitting flush inside their frames were hanging out about an inch. the celing of the plane leaked and the poor man infornt of us had water tourcher dripping onto him the entire 1 hour flight to Orlando and it felt as if we were packed into a pop can. We definetly knew why the crew refused to get on that plane again a week later.
    Anyways the plane we had this morning was a new plane and in much better shape. We took off and landed right on time in both Orlando and Atlanta. Well in atlanta we were told we gould get on a 9:45am EST flight to Minneapolis. Well when we got to the gate they said that that flight was cancelled because there was "hardly anyone flying on it". We knew of at least 6 who were planning on that flight from Orlando alone. Off we went again to Customer service where they immeaditly assumed we wanted to be comped tickets or something. We tried to explain that we just wanted to get home and really didn't care if we got another comped meal or whatever. Finally they got us on a flight leaveing 4 hours later. Once again we really got to know the Atlanta Airport really well, more than either of us really wanted to know.
    We finally got on the plane for Minneapolis and made it home on ly 15 minutes late, 2:45pm CST. By the time I got back to where I live north of the cities, I had missed the entire day of work and was dangerously close to getting in trouble with my union for not meeting the minimum weekly work hour requirement. I needed 15 hours from Wednesday to Friday. Fortunatly I was able to work 18.
    All in all the trip could have went MUCH MUCH better but we still had a blast and will probably be back to WDW or perhapse the DCL in the future, we do have free airfare after all. I think if we had not kept laughing and altering our plans around the problems we would have been miserable but by laughing and staying flexible we had a great time and have lots of interesting memories and experiences to share. I mean how many people can say they have been in a building that has been struck by lightening or attacked by Gigantic Bugs?
    well that was our trip folks, I hope you enjoyed reading it.


    PS I'm not sure if I mentioned this point either, If you have a birthday while in WDW you can get Different B-Day pins at all 4 parks except MGM. I thought it was just the MK until a CM at AK gave me a different pin to wear.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Now that flight sounds just a little too exciting for me!! I'm glad that you were able to look at the bright side and have a great trip. Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Aug 18, 2001
    It's good you were able to make the best of it & laugh it off!

    Thanks for the great reports!
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    Jun 25, 2002
    You have such a wonderful attitude!!!! Thanks for the reports and for the reminder to all that when we're at Disney, we're on vacation!!:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

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