Minnesotan's Birthday Bash - Day 3

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    Here's the really short version for those who just joined. This was a 4 day trip to WDW for Me and my best friends birthday. Mine was on the trip Sara's was belated.

    Day 3
    August 17th

    Today we began at Epcot starting with the new princess breakfast in Norway. It was absolutly wonderful. All the princesses came to each and every table, signed autographs and let you take pictures. Because Sara and I were still wearing our birthday pins (we explained that my actual bitrthday was the day before but this was our birthday trip - he said a lot of people wear their buttons the whole trip) We each got certificates signed by the whole staff and a free troll cookie that we got to "paint" with those food gel colorings. Because we wanted our certificates to go home whole we went back to our resort to put them away then went back to Epcot to do some of future world and the world showcase. We got through all of the world showcase and most of Future world before we went to eat at the land. Following that we moved over to MGM studios to do more than just Rockin Rollercoaster.
    While there we, having lost two of our reserations because of lack of info, checked on our Mama Melrose seating. What we wanted was the Fantasmic Dinner package, what we got was just a regular seating at 8:00pm EST. The Guest Services person was realy nice and moved our reservation to 6:30 EST and still gave us the voucher for the priority seating even though you were supposed to have your seating by 5:00pm EST to qualify.
    We were able to do most of MGM before dinner but when we got to the dinner we had been waiting 4 months for our *luck* struck again. The family sitting next to us had a daughter and they apparently believed that if they ignored the child she would learn that throwing a fit was the wrong thing to do. The daughter instead took advantage of this and screamed constantly at a level loud enough to break glass and was literally throwing her stroller around the resturant. This did nothing for sara. Finally they paid their bill and left as our food was brought to us. Sara ate about half of her flatbread pizza and I ate about 2 slices before the baby across from us began to choke. (IMHO it was not old enough to be eating solid foods anyway but I'm not it's mother) The mother wisely though to do the heimlich manuver for an infant but instead of holdin the infant face down by the chest or forehead she held the infant around the throat and jaw. (I should explain that I am not usually a galker but in this case I 1: had no other place to look other than at a wall and 2: I am a medical professional certified in First aid, CPR, and Pharmacy Tech.) Eventually the infant coughed it up but then began the gag reflex. Instead of taking the baby out of the dining area the mother just held up the baby and let her do her thing all over the floor, hitting a waitress, for everyone to see for about 5 minutes before the baby stoped. The entire resturant smelled aweful, and anyone around was not exactly ready to eat anymore.
    Our waiter thought we just didn't like it so we explained that between the amazing screeming child and the chokeing baby we didn't have much of an appeite anymore. He was very nice and went to get us boxes for the remainder of our pizzas.He also gave us free dessert for our birthday in a box and told us the staff was going to sing to us but they realized why everyone just wanted to leave at that point.
    Since we had some time before we were supposed to check into our seating for Fantasmic we though about renting a locker. When we found out it cost $7 and you only got $2 back we decided to just check in early and read for a while before the show. While walking from Mama Melrose past Star Tours we saw the biggest bug either of us had ever seen. A dragonfly that had about an 8" wing span came fling first right between the tweo of us then right at Sara's head. Not being a big fan of humongous bugs she tried to duck it and accidently dropped her desert. fianlly we checked in for our seating and while walking behind the sceans to get there a second dragonfly slightly samller divebombed her again! this time she managed to hang on to both her pizza and desert.
    While waiting for the show we were seated next to a delighful Brittish family and we talked about the differnces between the two countries until the show started. When it ended Sara and I decided to go back to the resort and just hang out for a while since we had so little sleep. I caled and talked to my sister who had left me a voicemail saying a baby dolphin was born on My birthday at the Minnesota Zoo. I love the dolphins at the zoo so I was really excited to hear that. You can bet I'll be there when she and her mother come back on display in September!
    Anyways we went swimming for a while then decided we wanted to know what a real Strawberry Daquri tasted like. (Remember I only turned 21 the day before and sara had only been 21 for 6 months) we went up to our room and got our id's and when we returned the bartender person closed 5 minutes early dispite the fact that we obviously wanted to order. So much for that idea. Instead we went back to our room and read some more then went to bed at about midnight.

    Comming Soon to a chat board near you...
    Day 4 - Running around the world in 20 minutes
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    I love your reports!!!! I think you and my mom have the same birthday ( Aug. 16th?). I will be going next summer to celebrate my birthday , and I'm getting a lot of tips from you;)
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    Are you sure the dragon flies weren't animatronics ;)

    Thanks again for sharing!

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