Minimum #of Points?


Disney Freak
Apr 24, 2000
We already own DVC at Boardwalk and were wondering what the minimum # of points would be in order to "own" DVC at Hilton Head. We think that it's 125, but we'd like to verify. Thanks in advance for your help.

If I've read my paperwork correctly, it's much less than 125. Once you own a contract, you can do an add-on with as little as 25 points (cash purchase). If you want to finance it through Disney, it's 50 points.
I do understand that once you already own points at a certain resort, you can add-on in goups of 25 or 50, but I thought that it was only for that resort you owned at. For example, we own BWV and if we wanted to add there (which we don't) it would be in a group of 25/50, but if we wanted to add at HH, we would have to start anew with a purchase of 150 points.

Has anybody been in this situation before? Any help would be appreciated.

Once you are a DVC member, you can add-on at any DVC resort- 25 point minimum. The points don't have to be in multiples of 25 however. You can buy 26, 27, 38, 49, etc as long as the minimum is met.

DVC will usually insist on the same use year as your original contract for any add-on, regardless of resort.


The minimum add on is 25 points and you can add on that minimum at any resort available regardless of where you own. If you want to use Disney financing rather than paying cash, the minimum is 50. If you want to use Magical Beginnings (where Disney buys back first year points and applies amount to down payment) the minimum is 100 if the add on is at a WDW resort and 50 at VB and HH. you can buy at any increment over a minimum, e.g., 26 points, 27 points, etc.


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