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Jul 29, 2000
If you have ever rented a mini-van before did you get unlimited miles? And if so who did you rent from? I am in Tulsa, OK and Alamo is the only one so far with unlimited miles available - 900 miles won't get me to WDW and back!!
My friend is a travel agent, and she said that she books lots of mini vans for people going to Disney. I don't know about the unlimited miles, but maybe if you go through a travel agent, you'll have better luck. She also said that mini vans are a hot comodity in FL, so try to reserve one well in advance. Good luck!
Most people don't think of this, but some car dealers rent cars. Mine was cheaper than any of the chains.


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Go to I got my minivan for 4-28 thru 5-6 for about $320.00 unlimited miles. I can't remember the name of the co. but they list them by price (the lowest being first). Give it a shot.

Thanks! That's where I found the one I am going with - Alamo. But I will check back frequently, that is always helpful!
Some car rental places (maybe all, don't really know) need to know what States you will be driving into. When I rent in MN, I can go only to those states that border MN under the unlimited mileage and other restrictions.... when you call, try to get your best rate, then tell them where you will be going to make sure it's not a problem. My rental agreement from last week has a box that says "Permission Granted to Leave State" Yes/No and list's the states.


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Hey - What can I say? Offsite gets me there every year.

I'm trying to go from Texas to Colorado. I've been quoted $700+ just to get me enough miles for a round trip.

Budget advertizes the LY code for SUV/convertible with unlimited miles. I made ressies using 800.BUDGET7. But on the internet, I can get a minivan for the same code and cost. It's UNLIMITED miles, too!!


PS: I have a cancellation cost charge of $30 for a no show after 1 hour pass pick up or for cancelling less than 24 hours.
Try National. Unlimited mileage at MCO anyway.

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All of their rentals are for unlimited miles. Last month I had a successful bid on a minivan pick up in Ft. Lauderdale. I got a great Dodge Grand Caravan at Alamo. Price was $20 per day plus their processing fee of under $6 per day. The total for my 8 day rental was under $200 with unlimited miles.

A word of advice, Priceline will list an amount that they say has only a very small percentage of being accepted, in an attempt to get you to increase your bid. Ignore that. Bid lower. Both times I got a priceline car I ignored the warning, bid lower than what it said was the lowest acceptable bid, and the bid was accepted.


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