Mickey Mouse Memories Collection Plush

Carla Thompson

Earning My Ears
Jul 14, 2015
Hi everyone. I have been trying to collect the new Mickey Mouse memories plushes. Unfortunately, I have only been able to get the March one. We do not have a disney store around us (2 hours away), so I have had to try to get them from online disney. The may one sold out in like 2 minutes online. I had it in my cart, but by the time I entered my credit card it was too late. Of course they are on ebay, but out of my price range. I was wondering if there was a trading group on here or if anyone had any extras of Feb, April, and May they would be willing to sell or trade?? I have some extras of March, as i had ordered some for someone else, and they ordered them also, so now I have extra. I would love to trade for the ones I need if anyone else would like to do so.


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